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I’d never thought I’d been one to get sucked into this but I’ve been warmed up with a little candle love recently and wanted to share with you my excitement. I’ve dabbled here and there in candles the past year and it was only last Christmas that I purchased my very first Bath and Body Works candle. Seen all around the blogsphere these seem to be the epitome of casual stylish living and can be seen burning in practically every fabulous beauty blogger’s video. Of course, I had to have piece of the pie too.

BBW candle_03
Brand: Bath and Body Works | Slatkin & Co.
Product: Scented candle
Selection: Large variety of perfume scents, fruits, desserts and seasonals.
Size: 4oz small size (also available in 14.5oz., 7.5oz., 1.3.oz sizes)
Price: $12.50 CAD for 4.0oz
Availability: Bath and Body Works online or in their stores.
Would I repurchase: Yes, if it’s on sale again.

As the story goes, I’ve been leaming the BBW candles every time I’m in the store but always found them too expensive for causal testing thus every time I would pick them up then put it down again. The large 3-wick (preferred by most) go for $25 and even the small size here retails for $12.50 each which is considerably more expensive than my Airwick.

BBW candle_05
But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about BBW since they’ve opened up in town is that they are fantastic at throwing out promotions and as long as you have a little patience, chances are you’ll never have to pay full price for anything in that store. Case and point, I ended up paying only $5 for this candle during one of their sale periods.

BBW candle_02
I picked up Twilight Woods because it was a scent that I already love from their bath products, it’s a combination of apricot nectar, mimosa petals and Tuscan cypress which blends into a warm and sexy allure. The candle is meant to burn between 25-40 according to the label but from experience, it seems to burn slower than brands so expect a little more from this jar. Each jar comes with a pretty metal lid (with a rubber casing on the inside) to keep the candle fresh but also acts nicely as a coaster when burning. The wax is heavily scented with fragrance oils which fills the room lightly even without lighting up and once lit the scent fills the space quickly. And while on the topic of scent, the candles smell quite a bit differently unlit in the store than they do once burning (I disliked many of the scents I wafted at the shop) so sometimes you just have to go for it and take it home to try.
BBW candle_04
I love how the wick burns clean with out dirtying up the candle with soot around the edges and also how it burns evenly so you’re not wasting any unreached wax at the sides. For me it’s really the little things of the BBW candles that make them so lovely and I have to say I am a full convert. These are especially nice to burn for a while as I’m prepping for bed, making me feel relaxed and at ease.The small 4oz size is just perfect for me, not taking up too much space but still with lots of burn time. I’m already plotting my next candle shopping spree, can’t wait for their holiday sales to return!

You can shop Bath and Body Works products online or just browse around for fun.

Do you have a favourite BBW candle?
BBW candle_01

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