Review: Peri Pera Smile Fit Blusher | Peach Orange

When it comes to browsing blushers, I’m sure it’s come across your mind at some point “how many shades of blush can they make anyways?” While it’s certainly true that blush shades are more limited than say eyeshadow, I have found a very unique blush shade in this product from Korean makeup brand PeriPera.

Peripera Smile Fit Blusher_01

Brand: PeriPera
Product: Smile Fit Blusher in “Peach Orange”
Colour selection: 6 shades
Size: 8g
Price: $13 (ebay), $18.50 (PeriPera USA)
Availability: ebay or PeriPera USA online
Would I repurchase: Yes

I purchased this blush while on the hunt for something different for the summer as I wanted some variety from the usual hot pinks I pop on my cheeks. This blush from PeriPera was the first thing to catch my eye because of it’s creamsicle shade, not too bronzy but not a bright orange either.

Peripera Smile Fit Blusher_06
As you’ve seen in my previous powder review, all PeriPera products come in ultra girly pink lace packaging which I’m sure is a huge selling point in itself. The compact is large 6cm in diameter and features a separate compartment for the included blush brush. While many blushes come with a small applicator, I personally love the large rounded shape of this blush as it fits the contour of the cheeks and spread the product evenly instead of producing thin little racing stripes as other tend to do. The bristles are also much softer than other similar brushes I’ve encountered (Physician’s Formula).

Peripera Smile Fit Blusher_04
Now back to shade itself, #4 Peach Orange is a creamy milky orange laced with unbelievably fine gold micro shimmers. It’s a shade that’s very hard to capture on camera but looks very natural on the skin, the shimmers being more visible in the sunlight than indoors. The great thing about this blush is that you can pile it on without fear because it’s has a translucent quality that let’s your natural skin show through.

Peripera Smile Fit Blusher_05

Pigmentation is average so this wouldn’t be something I’d use when taking photographs or filming a video but I think it’s a super sweet shade for daily wear. Because the blush is quite powdery I would suggest using a denser blush brush (perhaps even buffing brush) to apply this rather than the included moon brush as it takes much too long to build up colour that way. If you’re wearing a cream blush product, this will also make a fabulous layering product on top for a little extra kick.

Peripera Smile Fit Blusher_02

The only other downside to this blush other than pigmentation is it’s lack of wear time, staying only 3 hours or so on my skin before fading away but with something so pretty I am willing to overlook it and take it with me for touch ups. This would make a great everyday shade for those with fair to light skin tones looking for something sweet but not too dolly. I definitely look forward to trying out a few more shades.
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Peripera Smile Fit Blusher_03

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