SaSa Haul: New Asian beauty products for winter

I find myself browsing SaSa’s online shop more frequently in the past month or two ever since I finally figured out their sneaky free shipping schedule (see video for explanation). No longer having to fear the $18CAD shipping fee to Canada, I now have an extensive SaSa wishlist of things I want to try out. So when free shipping rolled around again a few weeks ago, I made an order to replenish a few necessities and trying out some new brands at the same time.


  • Skin & Lab | Triple Action Essence
  • Skin & Lab | Mont Blanc Glacial Water Drop

All products from SaSa have been linked for your reference (if available) but I must warn you that some items sell out fast and not all items are permanent. Skin & Lab products can be found through Wishtrend.

Look out for these items in future blog posts, I can’t wait to finally open and use them in my daily routine. Most of these products will just be replacing other similar items that I am using up…and talking about used up products, I’m pumped to film my first ever “empties” product video soon. What item are you most excited to see in a review?

2 thoughts on “SaSa Haul: New Asian beauty products for winter

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice haul! Whenever Sasa has those free shipping deals, I sometimes usually manage to haul a lot to not even need it, hehe, but it's always good to know when there's a deal! =)


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