How to embrace fair skin: Tips, tricks and products to love!

Beauty trends come and go, as a beauty blogger I often find myself not fitting to the hot look of the season, one of which is being told by magazines that I need a glowing bronzed tan (no one ever talks about keeping pale during the summer).

So for all you pale skinned, ivory beauties out there who want to celebrate your natural colour, this video is for you. A few tips and tricks on how to enhance your fair skin and loving it everyday.


  • Hadalabo | Shiroyjun Whitening skincare (toner + emulsion)
  • Kiss Me | Sunkiller Water white sunscreen SPF50/PA+++ (reviewed here.)
  • Lancome | Teint Miracle foundation (reviewed here.)
  • Etude House | Corset blusher #1 Highlight Fit
  • Ben Nye | *Media Pro Creme Contour # Ultra-light
  • Etude House | Golden Ratio highlighting duo
  • Hard Candy | Fox in a Box blush in “Hot Flash” (reviewed here.)
  • NARS | Blush in “Desire”
  • Dior | Brow styler brow pencil
  • Kanebo/Kate | Brow palette #4

Hadalabo, Sunkiller and Kanebo/Kate items can be found on ebay, on Adam Beauty website or on Hard Candy products are found in Walmart exclusively. Lancome, NARS and Dior are available through their respective websites online, through Sephora or other department stores. Ben Nye products can be found through theater stores or through specialty online retailers.

I hope this video helped some of you out there to embrace and enhance your naturally fair skin, for all skin tones are uniquely beautiful.
Pale skin

5 thoughts on “How to embrace fair skin: Tips, tricks and products to love!


    Sorry for the removal above!I really enjoyed this post/video. I have super pale skin (MAC N3) and can completely relate! I personally believe that skincare is the most important as fair skin is very thin and needs extra care!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for your video, I am always bullied for my pale skin but your video made me feel normal in my own skin thank you.Ps-you are so pretty! 😀


  3. Anonymous says:

    Weren't there two japanese whitening products that you showed in the video? Only one is in the description but I am interested in evening out my skin tone from splotchiness etc so if you could tell me the name/product type for the other I would appreciate it. I'd like to find it online and look at more reviews and pricing so I can decide whether or not to try it.


  4. PBunnieP says:

    The two products are both from the same brand “Hadalaobo” as part of their Shirojyun range which I labeled in the list as “toner + emulsion”. Sometimes they are labeled as “lotion” and “milky lotion” but again both are from the same brand, it's just the equivalent of a toner and light moisturizer.


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