Magazine: VIVI October | Tattoos, Cats and Smokey Pastels

If you’re like me, already filling up your fall items wishlist with this and that, then hopefully today’s post will help you round off your perfect seasonal wardrobe. VIVI magazine October shows off quite a few new trends in full swing, ranging from 90’s grunge to animal motifs.There’s a lot going on this winter that I need to catch up on.

My favourite cover girl Lena is growing out of the retro sweet girl style as you will see in this issue. Can’t help but feel she still looks best in vintage inspired styles though, she just has such a perfect face for that!


Amongst the fashionable things this fall, tattoo socks/tights and cat motifs are two things that caught my eye. I love the idea of tattoo stockings but quite frankly it’s just too darn cold here to wear them out. As for the cat eared beret, I absolutely dig that. But then again, I smell DIY!

Glad to see that bunnies are on trend….but then again so are bears, a lot of animal loving this season!
No winter wardrobe is complete without a super stylish pair of shoes (or two) and amongst the most talked about style this season is the cap toed high heel. A little bit feminine, a little bit masculine but hey, if that doesn’t do it for you there is always the spike toed option.


Combat boots brings back memories of ’90s grunge…a la Marc Jacobs, although I must say these will be much more suited to the weather, trudging along in the rain will be fashionable and practical.


For those who aren’t ready to let go of girly pastels, here’s an option, ViVi has labeled it “smokey pastels” and I think that’s a fitting way to describe it. I absolutely adore greys because they can be worn as a neutral but it’s a little softer than black. Grey also happens to match beautifully with pastel shades.



The “it” look of the season however would have to be grunge revival. But this time around it’s a little softer with feminine elements, with a play on textures and details.



Here, they show you two ways to wear the new black. Whether you are the “cool” type or the “sweet” type. If you’ve been a reader of ViVi for a long time, you’ll notice that even during the winter, the models all sport skirts and dresses, often with bare legs. So seeing pants having their own section is a little strange in contrast.






And lastly in one of my favourite ViVi segments, they show you how to mix a few wardrobe essentials into a full 20 outfits so you’ll be styling every single day. I think all the cordinates in here are super wearable, my favourite here is the chunky grey knit sweater and glitter
oxfords are super sweet.




Which trend from this month’s edition caught your eye? I hope you found something awesome to add to your wishlist. I’ll be sharing my fall wardrobe list in an up coming post, so stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Magazine: VIVI October | Tattoos, Cats and Smokey Pastels

  1. Anonymous says:

    i loved these scans! i was gonna buy this magazine too but didnt. thank you for scanning and posting them for us! what fall trend are you loving? i really like the CAT trend along with the “shiny” shoe tip. They are both super cute and wearable. Hope you are doing well. xoxo CHIE


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