Book Talk: Bobbi Brown makeup manual

Let me start off this post by saying that Bobbi Brown has a very special place in my makeup history. Hers was the very first proper makeup book that I read (I believe it was Teenage Beauty) and I instantly feel in love with her kindness. Since then I’ve gone to read every single one of her publications to date and today I want to share with you one of her newer works, Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual.

Bobbi Brown MakeupManual_01
What I really love about her books is her dedication to teaching true beauty and life lessons about how to appreciate beauty rather just chat about powder puffs and mascara (but yes she covers those too). This book is a very well rounded beauty guide, perfect for anyone starting with makeup or wanting to brush up on their makeup basics it covers everything you need to know about creating a solid sophisticated routine.


Title: Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual
Author: Bobbi Brown
Book dimensions: 29 x 1.9x 2.6cm
Date published:1st edt, Dec 2008
Price: $15CAD for paperback, $22.26 for hardcover
Find it: Amazon or your local book retailer


So you might be thinking, “I’ve been using makeup for years and know my way around a gel liner and eyelash curler, do I still need this?” Well, I’d say this book is still worth a read over because although many of us know what products to use the right method of application is just as important. Bobbi takes care to explain all the finer details of the your daily basics, from layering concealers to why you need a concealer brush. Even for myself, as someone who has graduated into my glitzy books, it was helpful to go back and review the small tips that I missed along the way. To show you a better idea of the layout and depth in this book, I’ve included some scans for reference.

Bobbi Brown MakeupManual_04

The “Tool Guide” section was one that I found extremely helpful and although I owned a good number of brushes, I never knew the distinctive purpose of the composition of hairs for each brush. And while all these products are from her line, she tells you what to look for in products so that you can hunt down more affordable alternatives.

Bobbi Brown MakeupManual_03

Bobbi known for her concealer and correctors, along with her correcting method so I knew that I had to share this page. It’s also a nice bonus that she included a photo of her concealer palette, next time I’ll know exactly what shade to get even if I’m shopping online.
Bobbi Brown MakeupManual_05

Bobbi Brown MakeupManual_06

Bobbi Brown MakeupManual_07

This makeup manual strikes a good balance between a glossy photo-book and a textbook, makeup books that are too serious (too many words, too many steps) can be very intimidating and off putting for many people. I love the big bright inserts of makeup between the pages, so much fun.

Bobbi Brown MakeupManual_08

Bobbi Brown MakeupManual_09

Bobbi Brown MakeupManual_10

Bobbi Brown MakeupManual_11

This page on “diverse beauty” is another section that I thought was very well written, it’s brief but hit some great points.

Bobbi Brown MakeupManual_12

And just to spice things up a little in the “Artistry” section, Bobbi shares some of her editorial looks. I really have to say that despite using wild colours, even her artsy looks are so sophisticated and polished.

Bobbi Brown MakeupManual_02

In short, I think Bobbi Browns Makeup Manual would make a universal gift for anyone getting into makeup. The fact that it’s so approachable builds people’s interest in makeup without intimidating them and as a book for teens (who are wearing makeup younger and younger now it seems) it puts them on the right path to appreciate beauty and diversity.

Bobbi Brown makeup manual
Personally this book was a great read (in fact I read it twice) and I did pick up some tips and tricks but it lacked variety (in terms of looks) which is currently what I’m interested in right now. If you are looking for juicy pages of full makeup looks, then book Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself by Francois Nars would be your better choice (I’ve reviewed it HERE).
But I shan’t leave you empty, for your viewing pleasure…here’s Bobbi’s creative makeup kit in all its glory. Happy reading!

Bobbi Brown MakeupManual_13

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