Korean Makeup: Liz K "Lizy Lips" gloss

Sparkle Sparkle Bling Bling!

If you’re a lip gloss fan, today’s post is just what you need. I’ve been testing out a new gloss from Korean makeup line Liz K. Created by celebrity makeup artist Kim Chung Kyung, the brand offers easy to use professional quality products to make every woman look like a star. Easy to use? Looking like a celebrity? Count me in!

LizK-Lizzy Lips-02
What I’ve always admired about Korean style makeup in general is that elusive transparent yet chic and sophisticated look. They are usually always wearing a full face of products but it’s always polished and blended to perfection. I’ve got a lots to learn but at least I can start off with lip gloss.

Brand: LizK
Product: *Lizy Lips lip gloss “Bling bling red sorbet”
Features: Ceramide and moisturizers to plump up your lips.
Size: 4.7grams
Price: $16.50usd (on Wishtrend)
Availability: Wishtrend online
Would I repurchase: Yes

A few things hit me immediately upon opening my Lizy Lips gloss. First the packaging is very luxurious. Not too serious or too mature, it certainly markets itself as a high end product and everything from the design of the tube to the weight of the lip gloss reinforces that. This is something that I’d be happy to pull out to touch up after a meal or give as a gift.

LizK-Lizzy Lips-03

After getting over the beauty of the design, I have to say this gloss has the most incredible sparkle. I spent a good while just turning the product around and seeing the star dust catch the light and twinkle. It isn’t completely a pearl or metallic finish yet it’s not a rough glitter either, if you are a shimmer lip gloss fan then this has to be one of the best I’ve ever seen. The glitter inside is finely milled to a powder and inside the gloss it’s noticeable enough to stand out on it s own but never gritty on my lips.

LizK-Lizzy Lips-01

What you’ll notice after opening the tube (even before you apply this to your lips) is the fruity scent and although I’ve used many fruity glosses before this was more authentic and less artificial or overwhelmingly sickly sweet. I detect perhaps a mango or guava hint, something very lush and kissable. Lizy lips has no taste at all but the attractive scent is a huge bonus point for me and I think even those who normally do not like scented product might be swayed by this one.

LizK-Lizzy Lips-05

The consistency of the gloss is very smooth and has a gel like quality when applied so it adheres well and spread easily. One of it’s selling points is actually the “snowman” tip which is very similar to the Essence Stay with Me lipgloss wand, curvy in the center with a little bulb on top. I can’t say it makes the application process any easier but it doesn’t seem too bothersome either so for me it’s just a design kick. Lizy lips is light to medium in coverage and is perfectly suited to be worn on its own, my colour “Bling bling red sorbet” tints lips a sheer juicy raspberry shade. The wear on this gloss is average, if you want to keep it absolutely perfect you’ll need to touch up between 3-4 hours. The good thing is, that it doesn’t bleed outside your lip line (so you can skip the lip liner) and it does wear off quite evenly.

FOTD-Lizzy Lips-01

What I love most about this gloss is the translucent quality it gives to the lips. I love the look of cream/pearl glosses but they tend to emphasis lip lines, I like sparkle finishes too but they tend to very rough and gritty. I feel that Lizy lips is the perfect combination. I tend to have very wrinkly lips (always had, likely always will) and this gloss just fills them in without drawing attention to the wrinkles. The result is a perfectly plump, translucent, sparkly finish. It doesn’t make my lips look any bigger than usual but it certainly makes them look smoother overall. Even after I remove the product, my lips felt quite moisturized and soft so I know that the ingredients in here are keeping them in good condition.
You can find the LizK “Lizy lips” line from Wishtrend’s website, linked below.
Venture online to see their selection!
I’m very excited to have been introduced to the LizK brand and while this gloss is priced higher than what I would usually spend on my daily gloss products, the quality and performance is evident. I’d even go as far to say that this is comparable with my all time favourite glosses from Dior and those retail for a whopping $30 if not more. Next on my list of things to try from LizK is probably the UV Protection Color Veil, looks very promising!

LizK-Lizzy Lips-04

4 thoughts on “Korean Makeup: Liz K "Lizy Lips" gloss

  1. Anonymous says:

    The lipgloss looks really pretty, but what caught my eye on this post is the backround you use for this photos, so pretty ^^ Very “you” hehe xx


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