Review: KissMyFace Vitamin A&E Ultra Moisturizer

I never do it intentionally but sometimes it just so happens that I get too product happy, changing up my skincare too frequently or using too many products causes my skin to go into shut down mode. This usually includes a combination of dehydration, flaking/peeling skin, red spots and extreme sensitivity. In the past I’ve always counted on Cetaphil’s moisturizing cream to get me through the tough times but I’ve since discovered a new product that might beat out the cult favourite.

KissMyFace Vit A and E Cream_01

Kiss My Face is a brand that I’ve seen on the shelves of my local drugstore for many years yet it’s not a brand that attracts much attention. In between the large shiny array of L’Oreal and Neutrogena bottles, a small line of four face creams just doesn’t catch the eye. But for what it lacks in terms of packaging pizazz, the product inside this tube is one of the best you can find in the drugstore. Kiss My Face is a natural skincare brand dedicated to producing skin loving products that are also earth loving, using concoctions of carefully blended plant/fruit ingredients, this is a step up from your basic aloe vera gel.

KissMyFace Vit A and E Cream_02

Brand: Kiss My Face
Product: Vitamin A&E ultra moisturizer
Recommended for: Oily, combination, normal, slightly dry skin, acne prone skin.
Size: 118ml / 4 fl oz.
Price: $4.99 CAD
Availability: London Drugs (in Canada) or select whole/natural food stores
Would I repurchase: Yes
The moisturizer itself comes out a pearly white colour and smells faintly of nectarines and olives, more of a thick lotion consistency than a cream. I found it easy to spread but a little time consuming to blend and having a tendency to leave white patches on the skin if I wasn’t careful to rub it one area at a time.
While the label read “ultra moisturizer”, it surprised me by not being the least bit greasy and during the first few uses I kept applying more and more product, thinking that it absorbed way to fast and I was going to get dehydrated soon. Well, that was certainly unnecessary. It left my skin with a soft matte finish, as if I’d just put on a light lotion rather than an “ultra moisturizer” yet my face was balanced just right for the entire day. It smoothed out any dry areas with just enough moisture while not being too heavy in my t-zone, a great feat for anyone with combination skin like me. I wouldn’t call this a winter ready moisturizer (especially not in Canada) but for the rest of the year it will do just fine.

KissMyFace Vit A and E Cream_03

What’s more to love is the mix of natural ingredients that make up this moisturizer, 95% of which I can read without a cosmetic dictionary and many of which are commonly known to be extremely beneficial to the skin. Coconut oil has long been used to treat dry skin and is a popular natural skincare ingredient, used as a massage oil or moisturizer it’s meant to help smooth wrinkles, keep skin elastic and be anti-bacterial. Squalane is a type of saturated fat/oil naturally produced by the body to keep itself plump and healthy, something that I’ve seen frequently in creams and moisturizers. Aloe, calendula and chamomile provide relief from sensitivity and itchy skin. The ever popular vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) has regenerative properties, helping to heal damaged skin and minimize scarring.

KissMyFace Vit A and E Cream_05

Natural based skincare products can be extremely pricy and with this whole list of skin friendly plant extracts I would have expected this product to be at last three to four times it’s selling price. But beyond the technical details this ultra moisturizer provides instantaneous relief when my skin is going through a rough time, I’ll apply it day and night after my regular cleansing routine and usually within three days my skin is pretty much back to normal. The dry patches are gone, the red rash is faded and I can delve back into my explorations. This cream has become my new secret weapon and while it doesn’t do any fancy skin brightening, pore tightening magic, it’s just what I need when I want my skin to be “normal”. 
A side note: Personally I find this doesn’t provide enough slip to use under foundation and so my base products doesn’t seem to blend as well. However if you have normal/oily skin or if you use powder foundation, this shouldn’t be a problem at all. 

KissMyFace Vit A and E Cream_04

Overall, a highly recommended niche product that would be welcomed in any beauty cabinet. A good product for men as well since it has a matte finish and doesn’t smell like girl, I think it would do well to soothe any nicks from the razor too. If you have oily, normal or combination skin and want something simple but effective, give this one a go!

8 thoughts on “Review: KissMyFace Vitamin A&E Ultra Moisturizer

  1. Anonymous says:

    Imagine all the things we are missing out on because of non-catchy/glamorous packaging! As always amazing and thorough review, thanks! xx


  2. shirley* says:

    update after trying it last night + in the morning: I love it! It almost instantly calm my angry skin down…it felt like my skin was sucking in the goodies right away (or it sinks right in), and I feel hydrated – actually hydrated instead of just being protected by a layer of lotion. You're right, it's hard to blend and I almost thought I used a cleanser because it turned SO WHITE when I start to blend. But I took my time and it left no white patches on me, so I can forgive that little glitch. 🙂 Thanks so much for the recommendation!! ❤


  3. PBunnieP says:

    I was just about that ask you how it turned out. And I'm so glad to hear that it worked out for you, it's a little tricky at first but it's a life saver when I mess up my skin. One thing though, I was looking on the Kiss My Face website and it seems that they are pushing out a new line of facial skincare products…AND with a new price as well. So I'm not sure how much longer these will still be available, I might grab an extra one just in case they disappear suddenly.


  4. PBunnieP says:

    Oh I know I know… but I can't help be attracted to pretty, shiny, sparkly things. It's always an internal battle between what works and what looks nice, especially with all those makeup pallets!


  5. PBunnieP says:

    Grab it as a backup when you see it in the store, it's a load cheaper than Cetaphil. A tub of that, 453grams, costs $25 here in Canada while this thing only costs $5!


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