Daily Link: Revlon 24hr beauty marathon

What happens when two great Youtubers come together with one great makeup brand? A super creative video of course! Two of my favourite Japanese Youtubers collaborated with Revlon to produce a short film celebrating Revlon’s 80th birthday.

Sasaki Asahi lives in Japan and has been creating transformational makeup tutorials for quite a few years under the name “manwomanfilm”, her current account is sasakiasahi and she is one of my favourite people to watch although I can’t understand a word of what she is saying. Melodee is a Japanese American professional ballet dancer living in NYC who’s been sharing her beauty and fitness knowledge, her account name is and can I mention again that she’s a professional ballet dancer? How awesome is that! I loved the way that the film was put together, there was even a beauty event held in Japan for the occasion and this film was presented there.

3 thoughts on “Daily Link: Revlon 24hr beauty marathon

  1. Anonymous says:

    I adore Asahi-san, she's so talented and her approach to tutorials is just so unique and fun. I watched this short film when Asahi-san uploaded it to her channel and liked it a lot. Melodee is also very good and such an amazing dancer. ^^


  2. PBunnieP says:

    Oooo, talking about Melodee, have you watched her recent pamyu pamyu video? She teaches yo how to dress up as a dancing doll and she even adds her own dance routine to it as well. Super cute 😀


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