HAUL: What I came home with from IMATS Vancouver

Those who are subscribed to me on my Youtube channel will likely already seen this but if you haven’t…here is my IMATS haul! As promised in my last post, I said I’d share with you all my goodies that I brought home from the show. I planned my trip with a pretty strict budget (it’s very to get carried away there with all the goodies everywhere) and had a few very pleasant surprises come through. Watch the video for all the details…including a run down of all the discounts at the show!

While we’re still in the excited mode, I’ve also already photographed all the products yesterday so I can finally dip my brushes into them (yes, the brushes have been washed too) so do look out for reviews of these IMATS products in the next month. I’ve already busted out the Ben Nye ones. Happy Tuesday everyone!

2 thoughts on “HAUL: What I came home with from IMATS Vancouver

  1. Ashley says:

    OMG ur coming to LA! YAY! But the traffic gets really bad when school starts which is in end of August threw September I hope you can get around. I think best times is after 10am to 3pm.Also, you should go to the Curry House near UCLA really good food. If your willing to do meet up that would be awesome.


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