Book talk: NARS Makeup your mind, Express yourself


How do I even start talking about a publication of this magnitude and pizazz?
As a makeup line, I’ve never been too interested in NARS mainly because when I first started with makeup, I felt that the overall feel of NARS was a little beyond my understanding (nor did I understand the reason behind a $30 pan of blush). NARS didn’t quite fall into the category of straight up artistic fantasy like the way MAC feels yet it didn’t have the same historical prestige of brands like CHANEL or DIOR.

NARS collage

Yet I’ve always been attracted to some aesthetic element of NARS images whenever I see them appear in magazines or promos that I can not help but be intrigued. It is his editorial looks which I’ve always collected, the vibrancy and life expressed via his hand drew the artist within me towards his work.

Makeup your mind, Express yourself by Francois Nars takes a drastically different approach to what is already available in the makeup/beauty book market. Not an instructional manual by any means, this book is a documentation of makeup transformations, a catalog of a conversation between the model and the artist shown through makeup.

NARS makeup book

Title: Makeup your mind, Express yourself
Aurthor: Francois Nars
Book dimensions: 23.2 x 4.7 x 22.9 cm
Date published: April 19th, 2011
Price: $33 CAD
Find it at:, your local bookstore.

Delve into my review video (below) to hear my thoughts on this book.

Below are some scans that I’ve done to further show you the details of the book, including the layout, formatting and a closer look at the variety of looks that are included in this publication. I’ve done them so that the plastic overlay sits on top of the after photograph, of course sometimes it does shift slightly when I place it on the scanner so I’m sorry for the few that look a little off. I hope I’ve chosen a good selection to fully represent the range of that Makeup your Mind, Express yourself has to offer.
NARS Makeup Your Mind_08
NARS Makeup Your Mind_09
NARS Makeup Your Mind_02
NARS Makeup Your Mind_04
NARS Makeup Your Mind_03
NARS Makeup Your Mind_07
NARS Makeup Your Mind_05
NARS Makeup Your Mind_06

I think if you are venturing into NARS for the first time, I highly recommend that you make your first purchase this book, even before the makeup. Although this book isn’t very biographical, there is a great deal of intimacy which is revealed in its pages about the author. Certainly to understand more about Francois Nars, you will learn to appreciate and understand more about the collections and products he creates.

NARS makeup book
Then again, if all I’ve been talking about just seems like gibberish and you are not a makeup lover at all this will still make a kick ass coffee table book worthy of any stylish living room. Moral of this post? It’s a must have book.

3 thoughts on “Book talk: NARS Makeup your mind, Express yourself

  1. Ami says:

    Thanks for the review! NARS is my favorite makeup brand. The quality of his products is always superb and absolutely worth the price to me. One thing I'd like to see changed though is the finish of the packaging… it tends to be a dust magnet and turns gummy and gross after time…


  2. Dawnelia says:

    It's interesting to see the transformation these models take with makeup applied, definitely a book I need to save up on when I start working in the industry :)


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