Review & Look: Mustaev eyeshadow "Aura"

Are you an eyeshadow lover?

I think every beauty addict has one or two things that they are uncontrollably attracted to and for many of you out there, I know eyeshadows are super addicting shiny little things to collect. Let’s continue my adventures with Mustaev with a look at their eyeshadow singles, a beautiful collection of impressive shades made for both the makeup artist and for us too!

Mustaev_AURA ES-01

A quick look at their promotional photos shows a wide array of colourful choices in single pans, quad (4-pan) palettes and even larger 18-pan palettes ready for any makeup drawer. Of all the items that a makeup brand puts out, the first thing I look at to better evaluate the quality of their products would be foundations/base and eyeshadows. Though it may not seem a difficult task, eyeshadows are often produced badly with a chalky texture, lack of depth or pigmentation problems. 

Mustaev website_02
Who is Mustave

Mustaev has a very complete line of beauty products and from what I’ve read is considered a “makeup artist” brand in Korea (similar to MAC in that respect). This means not only are they loved by the people who know what they are doing but it also means that Mustaev continues to develop products that perform well on set, stage and makeup shoots. If you live in Korea, it seems that you can even order directly from their website online!

Visit their website
Mustaev website_01
Mustaev is well know for their focus on fine craftsmanship, attention to detail and creating high performance products. That certainly is true for their makeup brushes (see my review here) so let’s see if their popular eyeshadows hit the top scores as well.
Mustaev_AURA ES-04
A closer look at the eyeshadow
Type: Eyeshadow single in “Aura”(*)
Colour description: Cool toned stone/purple/grey with gold shimmer
Size: 1.8g (pan is 2.1cm diameter)
Colour range: Various finishes and colours, see chart below.
Price: 13,000won (Mustaev website), $12.99USD (on Wishtrend)
Mustaev website_shadows list
Colour selection

As you can see, the selection is a well rounded collection of sophisticated shades which are elegant and wearable but not boring at all. The colour “Aura” looks to be a slightly smokey/hazy greyish purple with the the most interesting gold shimmer. The gold is clearly differentiable from the base colour yet does not float on top of the shadow so it’s not an over spray. At first glance I would have called this a metallic finish but as the shimmer reflects differently in various lighting I think duo-chrome would be a more fitting description. The swatch below is on bare skin, with no base or primer underneath and I’d say it’s rather true to pan.

Mustaev_AURA ES-02
Texture & Application

As I love to wear with glitter/shimmer shadows, I have realized that they often tend to be a little gritty but that is not the case at all with Mustaev. Putting a finger to the pan, the eyeshadow is rich with a suede feel and with one swipe swatched a good mix of both the base colour and the shimmer together. It has decent adhesion to bare skin on its own and with one layer you can achieve a light-medium opacity hazy purple shimmer. Here in the photo I brought out the brown tones in this multi-dimensional colour by layering it over a brown cream eyeshadow. Alternatively you can layer this over a purple base for a more intense look.

*non-edited photo, not enhanced post production*

Although the shadow applied with the same colour consistency from pan to my eyelid (golden shimmer and all), there was a noticeable amount of fall out of the shimmer (not so much of the base colour) onto my cheek. This can be minimized by pressing the colour onto the skin with your fingertips (instead of a brush) which will make sure the shimmer doesn’t get disturbed too much during the application process. Otherwise, a tissue underneath the eyes will help catch fallen shimmer and you’d best apply your foundation after the eye makeup.
Mustaev_AURA ES-03

Each Mustaeve eyeshadow comes in it’s own little bla
ck box, very sleek and sophisticated. The plastic casing itself is solid and the hinge is very sturdy as well (I hate it when the lids fall off of my single pan eyeshadows). For those who are fluent in Korean, I’ve included details of the box and the bottom of the pan.
Mustaev_AURA ES-06

Longevity & Wear
Worn over a cream eyeshadow, “Aura” lasted me an entire day until I took it off with makeup remover at night. Worn alone, it lasted a decent 6-7 hours before starting to fade slightly but I would personally consider that a good wear time. Creasing was minimal to none on me but those with super oily eyelids may want to put on a primer just in case. 
Here is a full face makeup look wearing the Mustaev eyeshadow in “Aura”. I went for a soft brown and purple hazy look with thick lashes, bright cheeks and a natural lip. In order to fully show off the eyeshadow, I just layered it over my entire eyelid without using any other contouring or shading colours.
Missha BB Boomer
Maybelline Dream BB Cream
Maybelline Angelfit Powder
Candydoll blush “Strawberry Pink”
Revlon Liquid eyeliner -black
MAC Fluidline “Blacktrack”
MAC Paintpot “Groundwork”
Mustaev eyeshadow “Aura”
Essence eyeshadow “Disco Diva”
ebay false lashes
Essence Stay with my gloss “My favourite milkshake”
Where can you get a hold of Mustaev you ask? A few Mustaev eyeshadows can be found on Wishtrend’s website, at the moment they seem to be the only international carrier of these elusive little shadows.

Venture onto their website for a closer look.
Mustaev_AURA ES-05

Overall I would consider this a wonderful eyeshadow for the price and I hope that they would be more widely available to the international market. While I wouldn’t say that “Aura” is the best colour choice for me personally, Mustaev shadows are certainly high quality products. I’d say these are comparable to some of the MAC eyeshadows I own in terms of texture and performance, although MAC has slightly better adhesion.
If you are interested in more Mustaev products, I also have a review on their popular makeup brushes if that tickles your fancy (see here). I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun just browsing their official website as well, I always do!

6 thoughts on “Review & Look: Mustaev eyeshadow "Aura"

  1. Suzy says:

    My goodness, the colour looks SO different on me! Goes to show how different a makeup product can look, depending on skintone/undertones/etc.You look gorgeous in those photos btw 🙂 🙂


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