Hair Diary: Spring style bring it on!

Amongst the various beauty related parts of my life that I said I’d pay more attention to this year, one of them is my hair. Most of my frustration comes from not knowing what in the world to do with it as it tends to have a mind of its own at times. But of course, having a fresh new cut certainly helps in the styling department (in other words, roll out of bed, ruffle it up a bit and go).
 Hair update -06-2012

Oh don’t get me wrong, I long to grow lush long locks a la AngelaBaby but I think the most I can realistically manage on a day to day basis is midway down my back and that’s stretching it. On a side note, if you aren’t familiar with AngelaBaby’s hair (or just Angela Baby to begin with), she’s a popular model in Asia. Observe the glory of her hair….



Now that you have been stunned by her, let’s get back to the topic at hand. I’m still planning to continue to grow out my hair a bit longer but I think refreshing my haircut is a good way to feel “new” but not too different. When you grow your hair out, the layers grow out as well so nothing is sitting the way it’s supposed to and in the past few weeks I’ve just been putting my hair back in a bun because it wasn’t making me feel excited. I think that’s when you know that you need to get a trim! I’ve looked up a few options below, mostly slight variations on a similar fringe/no fringe long layered hairstyle. I find those the easiest to wear, whether I decide to blow it out smooth, curl it or wear it ruffled and messy.
Japanese Hairstyles_rasysa

Japanese Hairstyles_rasysa

Japanese Hairstyles_rasysa

Japanese Hairstyles_rasysa

I think the long middle parted fringe is super sweet and pretty but yet the front fringe is cute and playful. I’m getting the photos printed so I can bring some options to the hair stylist over the weekend. And if you are wondering where to find good photographs of women’s hairstyles, I always recommend this Japanese website which has hair cuts grouped by length.
Their style gallery has been an immense help when looking up styles and communicating with the stylists. And I love how the looks are all uploaded by various individual salons in Japan, my favourite uploader is Afloat…oh if I ever go to Japan I must get my hair done there!

Rasysa style page

Hope you all are enjoying your week! I’ve go so many fun things planed to share, including a few new sewing projects I’m starting up to revamp my spring wardrobe. Actually, I should really say “summer wardrobe” but really, the weather is far from warm.


One thought on “Hair Diary: Spring style bring it on!

  1. Anonymous says:

    First of all I'm not Asian so perhaps I'm in no position to make any negative comments but I doubt Angelababy has grown her own hair long (well, you didn't even claim so) since didn't she become famous after doing plastic surgery? Well, I like her too and her hair is lovely. As I've traveled to China more than once I've seen how there are hair extensions and wigs in every corner and girls sit there to be braided with longer extensions. Just wanna say how I used to jealous Asian hairstyles until I found out that they also have clip-ons since they advertise them e.g. in Rayli magazine. At one point I was so silly to believe all that huge curly hair might be real. 😀 I know Asian hair is very strong and shiny so it's possible to be naturally long. Can you hear little bit bitterness in the air? Still I DO LOVE Japanese, Korean and Chinese hairstyles so much extensions or not. ^_^


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