Review: TheBodyShop "Cocoa Butter" body butter

If you talk to anyone about The Body Shop, I am certain that one of the products to pop up first is their famous body butters. They come in a large variety of flavours (err…flavours? scents? LOL) to suit your mood and different formulations for normal up to very dry skin. Now truth be told, they seem rather fancy and expensive for my day to day use so you can imagine my excitement when I was gifted a mini for the holidays.
 The Body Shop_Cocoa Butter body butter
The body butters by TBS comes in everything from flowers, fruits and even nuts with a total of 30 variations listed on their website. In fact, because of their cult following, the brand is constantly marketing new releases. However unless you are a dedicated fan of The Body Shop you might be wondering if these magical body creams are really worth their money…

The Body Shop_Cocoa Butter body butter

Type: Cocoa Butter Body Butter (Very Dry Skin)
Size: 50ml (also comes in 200ml and 13.5oz sizes)
Price: $6, $18, $25 CAD (as following the sizes above)
Availability: The Body Shop stores or on their website
Upon opening up the lid, I was enveloped by the rich and warm scent of cocoa butter which seemed to me almost combination of nutty vanilla. As someone who usually steers clear of gourmet or “rich” decadent fragrances I was pleasantly drawn to the calming warmth of this body butter.
Looking very alike a small tub of room temperature butter, the texture of this was dense yet creamy, holding its shape in the container as I used up more product and remaining solid even when I left it out in the shower. When applying to the skin (mainly legs for me) the body butter did not melt into a lotion/oil as I had expect but rather retained it’s creamy texture, only to slowly disappear as I rubbed it into my skin. What it left behind was a lingering of the cocoa butter scent which was only noticeable from a close distance so those with sensitive noses will be happy.

The Body Shop_Cocoa Butter body butter

 I like how the ingredients are minimal, as with all TBS products there is a focus on natural and sustainable ingredients. Here three ingredients stand out, wild soybean (glycine soja), cocao (theobroma cocoa) and shea butter (butyrospermum parkii). I’ve long heard about the magic of the soybean for the skin which helps to moisturize and even skin tone, cocoa butter is what gives this product is melting texture and along with shea butter they are both incredibly rich moisturizers for the skin to keep it from chapping come winter or summer. 
These heavy duty ingredients (in large concentrations, hence their priority status on the list) aren’t boasted for nothing, after application my dry legs were instantly soothed and my dehydration lines minimized. And although it is a rich creamy butter there was no residue after a few minutes and I was left with incredibly soft, smooth skin. Not sticky, not oily, just perfect. In fact it’s even potent enough to use on my feet (oh dry heels, why oh why?) for day to day upkeep. It’s one of those creams which you can wake up and still feel moisturized the next morning.

The Body Shop_Cocoa Butter body butter

Although I started using this in the winter time and although this is listed for very dry skin, I would continue to use this through the summer time. You only need very little product to spread over the skin, I love the immediate and long lasting moisturizing effect and even more so the soft sexy sheen it leaves on the skin, a great way to show off your summer legs!

The Roundup
  • Thick, creamy, buttery texture
  • Three awesome moisturizing ingredients and less of everything else.
  • Immediate gratification and long lasting effect
  • Multifunctional: elbows, legs, heels…all over!
  • Recommended for normal to dry skin (oily skins may not like the texture)
  • No allergies, breakouts or any adverse reaction (those with nut allergies take note though!)

Find the full range on their website

Now the million dollar question: Is it really worth the $18CAD for a regular 200ml tub? I would say yes but just barely, it’s something that I would absolutely repurchase but likely on a discount or if I’m feeling like I’ve been a super good girl and deserve to be spoiled. However, like I mentioned earlier I did not use nearly as much per application as I thought I would need and thus it wouldn’t been too outrageous to keep this as a semi-regular guest in my bathroom.

Are you a Body Shop Body Butter fan?
Share with me your favourite ones!


2 thoughts on “Review: TheBodyShop "Cocoa Butter" body butter

  1. shirley* says:

    yay! it's good to know that i'm not the only one using it for my dry heels…i used to have horribly dry and cracked heels but after putting their body butter on for like a week or so, my heels r now problem free!last year i got a couple of them during their 3 for $30 black friday sale, and actually they JUST had a 50% off sale a few days ago! i take these chances to stock them up and pamper myself 🙂


  2. Fannie says:

    The body butters is the only thing I use from TBS. I've used honey dew, and brazil nut. I think I prefer their nutty ones. TBS fruit scents are usually too overwhelming and smell sickly and very artificial after a while. The nutty ones are more natural smelling. I love the feeling of them on my skin and I agree it makes my legs feel so good, especially after shaving!


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