Craft: Your first sewing kit!

Spring is the time for new things and as a crafter, it’s also a great time to get going on new projects (anyone keep a list of project they want to do for the year?). Of course, this had me inspired to make a video on a beginners sewing kit. I still remember my very first sewing box as being an old chocolate box from the holidays that I’ve stuffed with needles and pins and random thread….oh those were such innocent beginnings!

For anyone who’s been sitting on the edge, 
here’s your chance, 
jump in and just start creating!

List of items mentioned

  • Sewing machine: No real way to get around this one, it will be your biggest investment but it will serve you well. I’ve been a Singer girl for a decade!
  • Fabric Shears: They should have a long cutting blade and flat bottom.
  • Craft scissors/mini scissors: Just handy for loose threads and such.
  • Pins: Crucial for all fabric related projects, for beginners and pros too.
  • Patterns: Look for them in fabric stores, they are usually stored in filling cabinets but your best selection would be straight from the manufacture online. (Butterick, Vogue, McCalls, Simplicity)
  • Measuring tools: Measuring tape, seam gauge, metal ruler (remember they should all have both Empirical and Metric units.)
  • Hand sewing needles: Purchase a pack with a variety of choices.
  • Marking tools: Dressmakers chalk, fabric pencil….pencil crayons *ahem*
  • Storage box: Try beading boxes or tackle boxes, with lots of compartments.
I’m not sure that I am ready to make full fledged sewing tutorials yet but if you have any suggestions for future craft/sewing videos, I’d love to hear about them.

Happy Sewing!


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