Beauty News: Etude house new items!

As someone who regularly stalks, ahem “checks in” with my favourite Korean ebay shops, I’ve quickly come to notice a few new items from from the ever cute Etude House brand! Its no secret that the combination of cute packaging and interesting concepts has kept Etude in the lead not only in Asia but also internationally as well.

Over I hopped to their website and found a whole range of new items…I’ve compiled a few of the more interesting ones that I might add to my Korean wishlist….ready to take a peek?

Etude Jelly Tint Blusher

The relatively new Nyph Aura collection is growing quickly, the cheek tint has bee released for quite a while now but the Nyph Aura Volumer as well as the Nyph Aura primer are still quite new. The goal? Celebrity worthy luminously gorgeous skin!

Etude Nymph Aura items

Etude Dear My milk Gloss_Press04-horz

Love lip gloss? Etude House has you covered with a duo range of gorgeous lip gloss items. Like the creamy finish? Go for Dear My Milky Gloss. Love sparkle? Try the Dear My Crystal Gloss. Either way, I think both the designs and shades are delectable.

Etude Dear my crystal gloss_press03-horz

And talking about lips….

Etude My Blooming Lips_press02-horz

This is one of Etude’s biggest hit this season, their My Blooming Lips lipsticks…promoted by their mini story based on Death Note. The star cast? Well Sandara and SHINee of course! Released in a full range of shades from sweet and flirty to sexy and seductive, there’s got to be something for every one with this line.
Etude My Blooming cheek blush

Two lines of blushers also hit the shelves, the My Blooming Cheek is a baked blush duo with pearlized pigments and the Cookie Blushers are updated to include new colours!

Etude Cookie BLusher 01-horz

One of the things that I am personally most excited about?

Etude Mineral BB_01-horz

…the unveiling of a new BB Cream! Etude House has been fiddling with the Precious Mineral BB Cream for about a year or so now, changing it from one name to the next. Briefly this was known as the “All day Strong” Precious Mineral BB Cream but now they’ve revamped it into the “Bright Fit” Precious Mineral BB Cream. Taking out the options for matte, glowly, sheer finishes they opted to categorize the new item under different colour names. In essence, a good step, especially since they have finally made colours for darker skin tones but I still have no idea what type of finish the Bright Fit is suppose to provide.

Etude Moistful Cream Line

As one of Etude’s best selling items, I was eager to give this a try someday. How do you know when something is good? They release multiple versions of it! The top right corner shows the original “Collagen Moistfull Cream” in the orange jar, they have now also created an aloe version for sensitive skin, a flower version with floral extracts as well as a whitening version…all with the collagen content that made the cream so popular.
Etude Skin malgam Toner_01

Also in skincare is a brand new concept…the Skin Malgem toners are meant to sooth, hydrate and clarify the skin. Acting as an all around skin healing product, it’s technically just a toner but can be used for toner masks and facial compresses as well.

Etude Skin malgam Toner_02

It comes in four variations each with it’s unique characteristics to benefit your skin type. I love this concept and can definitely see myself trying this in the future.

Etude new items mix

I hope this post was drool worthy and added a few more items to your wishlist. I am planning to slowly add a few of these goodies to my collection as well so keep a look out for some Etude posts soon. I can hear the BB Cream and blushers calling my name already…


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