BeautyNews: Have you met JOE?

It’s not often that I can share something with y’all that’s wholly Canadian when it comes to makeup… I’m sure there’s a good handful of small, indie or organic brands out there across the country. But to pull out the big guns? Well… we’re just a small market compared to big brother across the border.

Joe Catalogue2012-01

But here’s something to get excited about and I think it’s about time I share a little love for JOE. No, JOE is not the new man in my life but since it’s makeover from a small collection of lip gloss and nail polish in its starting days there’s a lot of new things to notice. JOE is certainly getting the attention of the ladies.
JOE started out pretty average, sold exclusively at The Real Canadian Superstore, it consisted mainly of clothing and accessories made for the masses. But soon JOE got a little smarter, spiced up with look and in not time at all opened up a two level flagship store downtown. Currently, they even have 5 locations across the New York City/Jersey in addition to their Canadian locations. The point of all this? I just received a new JOE makeup pamphlet that caught my eye…and my appetite

Joe Catalogue2012-02
 A good range of basic foundation/base essentials with a focus on fresh, natural looking skin. Don’t expect to find anything heavy or full coverage. But a little something to run out for groceries? JOE’s got you covered.

Joe Catalogue2012-03

Joe Catalogue2012-04

The clean lines and lucite packaging gives JOE a very modern feel and dare I say reminds me a little of Shu Emeura.

Joe Catalogue2012-05

Joe Catalogue2012-06

Joe Catalogue2012-07

Joe Catalogue2012-08

My top picks from JOE would have to be their cream blushers and nail polish, although I’m sure the list will grow once I get a chance to dabble in a few more things. So with all this going on and new flagship store set to open on 5th Ave in New York City where is JOE now? The most complete line is still in Superstore!


2 thoughts on “BeautyNews: Have you met JOE?

  1. Jessy Tang says:

    I have the same flyer. i want to try the lip tint, purple haze shadow palette and the cream blushers as well…i think im gonna check my local stores soon, they look sooo nice on the flyerJessy


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