Review/Giveaway: Korean Face Masks ~ Leader’s Clinic & Bidanpo Mediental

Sometimes your everyday basic routine needs a little extra something, whether you’re feeling extra dry during the winter, dealing with a few unexpected blemishes or looking to brighten up a dull complexion, face masks are a great booster treatment to your daily skin regime.

New to me in the sheet mask department are the 2-step face masks currently quite popular in Korea and can be considered the next big trend. This new type of mask includes an pre-mask “ampoule” (usual a cream or gel/cream) that is applied to the face before the application of the sheet mask. Meant to increase absorption, enhance the effect of the mask and also to maintain moistness, this new 2-step face mask had me very intrigued. Today I introduce to you two prominent Korean  brands, Leader’s Clinic and Bidanpo Mediental each with their own specialization in their approach to skincare and both offering a wide range of face mask treatments.
Natural Radiance Face Mask pack

As we have much to cover today in the exciting world of face masks, I thought it might be useful to start off with my photographs first before moving on to my video review. So let’s jump in to our first brand…


At first glance, the packaging and over all feel of Leader’s Clinic masks situates itself as a skincare line that has a modern but approachable feel. The bold colours and graphic design of the envelopes appears quite sleek and the large text makes these masks easy to identify. Here I have two masks, one for intensive hydration and the other for skin brightening.

Leader's Clinic Face Masks

Although I do not read Korean, here’s a little further background on Leader’s Clinic from what I found…
            The face masks under the brand “Leader’s Clinic” are tested in 
           Leader’s Clinic Dermatology. It is a premium special cure clinic 
           for intensive skincare. It is a ‘cosmedical’ brand, meaning that it 
          is a combination of cosmetics and medcine. Each mask contains 
          a special prescription by dermatologists.   
-Natural Radiance (.net)

Leader’s Clinic

Type: Aquaxyl Filler Mask (2-step)
Claim:”It’s a special RX which vitally tends to dried skin by forming a moisture coating film which restores moist energy deep into the skin so that moisture can be maintained for long periods of time with a peeler clinic system containing moisture building ingredients such as aqua seal which has excellent moisture retention, phyto oligo, and ceramide.

Leader's Clinic Aquaxyl Filler Mask (2-step)-2

This two step moisture retention mask comes with a small packet of “gel-cream” called the “Base Ampoule” which tears off the side, along with a sheet mask.

Leader's Clinic Aquaxyl Filler Mask_01
*click the image to enlarge*

Leader's Clinic Aquaxyl Filler Mask (2-step)-4

The first step is to apply the mask which does feel like a heavy layer on the skin, you will get more than enough product to cover your entire face so you may not need to use the whole packet.

Leader's Clinic Aquaxyl Filler Mask (2-step)-3

Personal thoughts: Recommended for those with very dry or dehydrated skin seeking immediate and long term hydration. The mask does leave a coating on the skin which will help lock in moisture but isn’t ideal for combination/oily skin for daytime use.
Leader’s Clinic

Type: I2PL Whitening Laser Mask (2-step)
Claim: “It is a special Rx which makes your skin bright
by controlling melanin which is the cause of discolouration and by improving dark and dull looking skin tones with a laser clinic system containing brightening ingredients such as stable vitamin C-AA2G and licorice extract and whitening ingredients such as arbutin.

Leader's Clinic Whitening Laser Mask 01

The I2PL Whitening Laser mask also comes in a 2-step system and while the name “laser” can sound just slightly intimidating it also sounded very fancy indeed. Personally, I have quite a few red blemishes I hope to heal up and perhaps lighten up the skin on my forehead which tends to tan much easier than the rest of my face.

Leader's Clinic Whitening Laser Mask 02
*click the image to enlarge*

Leader's Clinic Whitening Laser Mask 04

The step one ampoule from this mask is thinner in consistency than the Aquaxyl and much more comfortable to apply. In fact it almost runs in my hand a little, it applies to the face with a very wet almost glossy look to the skin.

Leader's Clinic Whitening Laser Mask 03

Personal thoughts: Recommended for those looking to brighten their skin with immediate and long term results. Fresh, non-sticky texture and is especially great for combination skin.


Bidanpo Mediental is a brand that takes a different approach to skincare, using herbal/medicinal ingredients  they produce masks that contain a complex combination of natural ingredients formulated to be compatible with the skin from a medicinal perspective. In a sense, Bidanpo Mediental combines traditional ingredients with modern research and science to create their luxury face masks. Their packaging and brand aesthetic reinforces their strong pharmaceutical background.

Here’s what I’ve been able to learn about the brand…
            “Bidanpo Mediental Mask is a brand of oriental medicine & 
             skin science born in the “Hana Green Oriental Medical Clinic.” 
             The oriental skin specialists who majored in Oriental Medicine at 
            Kyung-Hee University developed this form of “fermenting 
            aesthetics.” The ingredients are usually combined together, then 
            fermented and matured in a bamboo. The Clinic Masks are 
           2-step masks with a “Skin Booster Ampoule” while the Healing 
           Masks are 1-step masks.
– Natural Radiance (.net)
Bidanpo Mediental

Type: Bidanpo Balhyo-Mibaek Mediental Healing Mask (2-step)
Claim: “It is a functional whitening mask pack providing your skin with shine and vitality and brightening your complexion with best doctor’s secret method ‘Mibaeck-Cheongjeongdan’ fermenting and maturing 12 precious medicinal herbs in a bamboo bucket for those of you having worries of your dull skin resulted from blemishes or freckles.

Bidanpo Balhyo-Mibaek Mediental Mask_03a

This first mask I have here is actually a one step mask, what you would expect from a normal type sheet mask. As I am always interested in learning about natural/plant derived skincare (since I do believe those are more organic in nature and thus more compatible with skin) Bidanpo Mediental’s herbal approach to skincare had me very excited.

Bidanpo Balhyo-Mibaek Mediental Mask_01
*click the image to enlarge*

 Here you see an image of a medicine pot with medicinal satchels on the front of the packaging. Oh believe me, those things don’t task very good but herbal medicine is highly regarded.

Bidanpo Balhyo-Mibaek Mediental Healing Mask 02

Personal thoughts: Recommended for those wanting to maintain a plump and healthy complexion. No immediate brightening effects for me.
Bidanpo Mediental

Type: Bidanpo Baek-Myeong MTS Mediental Clinic Mask (2-step)
Claim: “With the extra ‘Clinic Mask’ with bamboo matured ‘Mi-baeg Fermentation Solution’ applying the principal of Oriental medicine aesthetic care and ‘Booster only for Masks’ promoting absorption of the mask, it is a 2-step (improvement in wrinkle + whitening) functional mask providing double pleasure. It clears blemishes on the skin and makes a bad complexion bright and shiny.

Bidanpo Baek-Myeong MTS Mediental Mask_03

Like the others, this one is a 2-step system with a base ampoule and a separate sheet mask. So detach the packet, apply it evenly on the skin before putting on the mask itself. The texture of this base ampoule is incredibly runny and little yellow in colour.

Bidanpo Baek-Myeong MTS Mediental Mask_01
*click image to enlarge*

Bidanpo Baek-Myeong MTS Mediental Mask_02

Personal thoughts: Recommended for those who want a combination of brightening and hydration.

Review Video

Where to find them?

Although being very popular brands locally in Korea, both Leader’s Clinic and Bidanpo Mediental are hard to find outside of Asia. In fact, I’ve never personally seen them anywhere in stores. Natural Radiance(.net) currently carries a comprehensive line of both brands as well as other types of premium face masks. 

Natural Radiance Website snap

Stocking directly from Korea, they offer hard to find face mask products that may be just what you need and even better they are located in Texas (USA) which will make shipping so much easier if you live in either Canada or the US.

Hey Canadians!
Enter “PBunnieP” at the checkout for 15% off of your entire total purchase. One time use, can not be combined with any other offers.

My Personal Favourites
  1. Leader’s Clinic: Whitening Laser Mask
  2. Bidanpo Balhyo-Mibaek Mediental Healing Mask
  3. Bidanpo Baek-Myeong MTS Mediental Clinic Mask
  4. Leader’s Clinic: Aquaxyl Filler Mask
Do remember that these are “treatment masks” and are meant to be used in treatment phases of 4 weeks. Although they recommend twice a week application of optimal results, I think it might be sufficient to try a once a week plan for one month to see if it will suit your skin.

But of course, since every one’s skin is different and we all have different needs in our skincare, why not try these luxury face masks for yourself? Natural Radiance(.net), the online retailer for these new face masks has generously provided me with an extra one of each type to share with you!

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  • Please be of 18 years of age or have parental permission to enter.
  • Giveaway ends: Monday, April 30th 2012
  • Remember to use a valid email that is checked often, winners will be contacted within one week after the end date.

To keep this pain-free for you and me…
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Please share your thoughts in the comments below.
Good luck to all!


*The products shown in this review were provided by Natural Radiance (.net) for testing and review consideration. This does not distort my review in any way. All opinions and thoughts are my own and are based on honest personal experience.*

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  1. Jessy says:

    i think the idea of 2 step mask is pretty new, i mean this is the first time im hearing about it, and i luv how ur face just glow after the application…as far as Titanic in 3D goes, like i said, i am a big fan of movie, so if i get to watch it in 3D i'll go watch it the cinematography is really alot better than what you get on the DVD(which i, overall, i really enjoyed it, but if you're not a super fan maybe there is no point watching the movie again and paying more just for the 3D conversion…Jesst


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