HairDiary: Garnier Mousse & Hair Blahs

The story of my hair has been quite an uneventful narrative for the past few months. Since trying to beef up my strands, I have refrained from colouring since I dabbled in the Palty Foaming dye in August. But with the spring time coming and my hair looking terribly two-toned, I was itching to get something done to my hair.

Β P1070059-1

And then…in comes my April issue of LouLou and inside I found shade swatches of the new Garnier Nutrisse Mousse hair colour. I LOVE their marketing idea of having all the colours in small strips so you can match it up to your hair to test (a little less embarrassing than doing it in the store).Β 
As far as my hair colouring history goes, I have been quite faithful to my L’Oreal Superior Preference and Garnier Nutrisse is a brand I have never tried before. However with the sneaky little $3.00CAD off coupon and my local drugstore putting them up for sale at $6.99CAD I headed off to the store today eager to find out more.

Garnier Nutrisse mousse swatch

Unfortunately as gorgeous as the colours look on the paper swatches, these mousse/foaming hair dyes appear to be more like “tints” rather than full on permanent hair colour. Similar to the Palty, it would suffice if you are going from a lighter shade to a darker shade (don’t expect the colour to stick around that long though) or if you want a slight colour tint (such as auburn) to your locks. From the back of the box, it seems that each colour was recommended for those with very similar hair shades to the dye to begin with.

Alas, I walked out of the store…empty handed.
Of hair dye that is…but not makeup *sneaky giggle*


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