Style: New ViVi and J. Crew for March!

I dropped by my local Japanese bookstore the other day and picked up the March edition of VIVI Japan. As you may know, I have quite an extensive (and growing) collection of fashion magazines and amongst them VIVI is my favourite. The big format, the large glossy photos and minimal text makes it super fun to read even though I do not understand any of the words, then again, you wouldn’t need to with all the gorgeous photographs. My order of the J. Crew. catalog also came in the mail and I am super excited to see their styling for spring. I think J. Crew’s outfits are always classic but with a modern twist which I adore!
 March J Crew and Vivi

This spring from VIVI, there is movement away from the 50s and instead picking up elements from the 70s (Bohemia is a huge trend) as well as some grunge elements. Not my personal favourite I must admit (especially the grunge) but there are still remnants of feminine retro detailing such as the frill socks and cropped sweaters.

March VIVI 2012

Of course an obligatory snap of my favourite girl LENA, she has been appearing less and less in VIVI in the past few months perhaps due to persuing other projects. Then again at 28 yrs old, she may also start to be too old for VIVI’s target audience. What I’ve also noticed recently was the introduction of a few new models….Reina Triendl in particular seems to have a similar cutesy feeling as Lena.

March VIVI 2012

If Reina looks familiar, it’s because she’s been features in quite a few cosmetic ads and is currently the beauty model for FASIO Japan. She certainly looks much younger than her actual age of twenty but she is known for her sweet, innocent features. Introducing… Reina Triendle!
Reina Triendle

Next is someone who really caught my eye with her fun and upbeat personality…shall I also mention that she has legs to kill for? She’s a Japanese American born in NYC, with a career in TV, movies and modeling I think she has a promising future ahead! Introducing….Mayuko Kawakita!
Mayuko Kawakita
At just 17yrs old, this next model really shines with her youthful spirit and loveable look. In fact she reminds of models out of Popteen or maybe Seventeen Japan, actually now that I think about it she has a certain Kumiky look about her! She’s only been on a few pages so far, much less than Reina and Mayuko but I think she has such a likeable demeanor and I can’t wait to see her more.
Introducing….Arisa Yagi!

Arisa Yagi


To make sure it doesn’t miss out on a piece of the action, J. Crew has recently situated a location downtown. If I’m not mistaken this is the first time I’ve seen the brand on this side of the country. Prime real estate location? Robson Street down town Vancouver, snuggly right between Banana Republic and Max Azria.
JCrew Vancouver_Google Maps

While I do not have the budget to shop there, I love to browse through their catalog for style inspirations. Even if you do not live in a city with a J. Crew store, you can order a copy for free online. A fantastic source for clippings and style books.

Spring J.Crew 2012

While denim is wearable in any season, ones in softer textures and stone washed colours are breezing into spring. The monochromatic look on the left is so West Coast chic!
Lastly, one of my favourite outfits from the catalog features a slim cropped brightly coloured trouser paired with soft neutrals. Sophisticated but oh so stylish!

Spring J.Crew 2012

Hope you enjoyed today’s post.
Have a wonderful day!


4 thoughts on “Style: New ViVi and J. Crew for March!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish I could buy at least one asian magazine here! They have in my opinion the best fashion trends and I also love the magazine design *inner grapphic designer speaking LOLSeriously, nice post ^^


  2. Jessy says:

    i dont buy asian magazine as much as i used to anymore…i used to subscribed to ViVi like a few years back, but it was getting too expensive…mainly cuz it was shipped from Japan and the magazines were heavy…Another reason is that all my favorite model appear less in them, thus i dont like to read them no more…lolJessy


  3. Anonymous says:

    i understant and agree completly when you say even though you cant read them it doesnt matter because of the amazing pictures. i own 10 so far and i dont think im ever gona stop reading the photoggraphy is amazing and all the modles smiling faces just make me feel so happy.


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