HAUL: Oh my SaSa! Asian beauty items {March}

Aloha out there!

Life has been strange, mysterious and unforgiving lately….my Bunnie hole has been really shook up! I think you and me (or mainly just me) need a fun pick me up post to revive our beauty souls and what a better way to do so than a HAUL VIDEO!

I had made another purchase through SaSa, an online beauty retailer specializing in Asian beauty and personal care items (mainly Japanese and Taiwanese plus a few sparse sampling of others). I was lucky to drop in just as they were promoting a free shipping offer and combined with their already tempting prices (usually 20-30% less than ebay) who can resist? Happy Bunnie has many things to share!
First, a quick sneak peak!

SaSa beauty haul -03-2012

Ready for the real deal?
*Click to Play!*

Photo Roundup!

SaSa beauty haul -03-2012

Earl Grey Tea & Macaron Sheet Mask

  • 10pieces/box/set
  • My Thoughts: A clarifying and Illuminating mask from Beauty Diary with natural plant extracts which really attracted my attention. Other users have said this was soothing and mild but effective.
  • Available HERE.

Five Layer Cotton Puff

  • 80pc/box–each pc peels into 5 layers
  • My Thoughts: I had seen versions of this when I was in Mitsuwa (?) in Los Angeles and tearfully regretted not picked up a box to try. However in all justification, I did not see a point in bringing back a box of cotton puffs as a souvenir. Now that I finally have them in my hot little paws, I am thrilled!
  • Available HERE.

SaSa beauty haul -03-2012

Eyeliner Pencil “Black” & “Brown”

  • Two colours available: Black and Brown.
  • My Thoughts: Alright, I tried really hard not to get rolled into the hype about Dollywink but alas who can resist the bow? And having tried the Dollywink liquid eyeliner when I received it as a gift, I was pleasantly surprised. In addition I was repeatedly seeing this in item being used in PONY’s makeup book. That sealed the deal for me!ย 
  • Available HERE.

Lipgloss “Peach Orange”

  • Available in 5-6 shades (though not all on SaSa)
  • My Thoughts: This item has been in and out of my basket many times mainly because I’m quite certain that I wasn’t going to be blown away by some lipgloss and since I already have a good collection of them, what’s the rush? Yet since I was already on the Tsubasa Masuwaka bandwagon, I might as well give it a go. I love the Candydoll blush and I suppose it’s only fair to give the others a try. And you know what? I might just be very pleased!
  • Available HERE.

SaSa beauty haul -03-2012

“Hair Cream with Tsubaki Oil”

  • Other variations/extracts available.
  • My Thoughts: Oh how silly I was to get myself in a knot about “camellia seed” and “Tsubaki”…just for the record, they are the exact same things but in different languages (English and Japanese). With fine hair I had always been weary of using hair creams or pomades for fear of weighing down what little volume I may have been able to struggle into my hairstyle. But with the light soft texture of this hair cream…it just might be a new beginning for me.
  • Available HERE.

“Hyaluronic Acid Whitening Washing Foam”

  • 120grams
  • My Thoughts: Time for something new, after using up my beloved Shiseido and on my way to finishing up the last bits of my PONDs Flawless White cleanser, I ventured back into Japanese skincare. I’ve seen JuJu products frequently and urged by the positive reviews on SaSa I dropped it into my basket. Even if it doesn’t provide any whitening effects (my Perfect Whip didn’t) I’d be happy if it performed as a gentle and thorough cleanser.
  • Available HERE.

And now just oooooone more photo of Dollywink because it’s just so cute!

SaSa beauty haul -03-2012

Hope you all were cheered up by these happy colourful beauty items. It sure got me back into the swing of things and I can’t wait to share my next video with you!ย 

Celebrating Spring very soon!
Fun days ahead!



7 thoughts on “HAUL: Oh my SaSa! Asian beauty items {March}

  1. C says:

    The Earl Grey MBD masks are amazing. They smell heavenly. The Selena pads are great too, they're just the right size to do toner/lotion masks.


  2. OMGinyful says:

    Thanks so much PBunnieP!!! I have visited her shop, but she is now on vacation time >.< But I will visit again in a few days. I love your blog, you are so pretty and your english pronunciation is perfect! I adore you ^^


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