Giveback Giveaway #2: We’ve got a winner!

Hello Lovelies
First thing’s first, I’m terribly sorry about the lack of love here at The Bunnie Hole. Quite a few things have been changing in my life and I am feeling a little overwhelmed…as I try to figure out how to re-adjust my life back into balance I do my best not to leave ya’ll hanging!
Now off to the fun stuff, I drew the winner for my Skin79 BB Cream giveaway a few days ago and have already gotten in contact with them about their prize, unfortunately I haven’t been able to get my game together yet to do a proper announcement. But here it is officially announced publicly…..
Giveback Giveaway 2_Winner Ciarah
Big congratulations to Ciarah!

I was completely shocked by the amount of entries for this giveaway, quite a step up from my first one. From these two past experiences, I think I will continue to host giveaways using Rafflecopter, it just makes the process so much easier and fun. 
As a side note, since I went through all of the entries for the giveaway, I found a few things that you (my lovely readers) may want to note for futures entries. 
  1. DO NOT press enter until you are completely finished your answer. I think this technical detail likely confused many people. Once you press enter, your answer is sent and you can not change it back.
  2. Please be fair, if the rules say 2 entries maximum per person, please don’t enter again using another email address/name. Let everyone have a fair chance to win 🙂
  3. Instructions are a sometimes a pain but they are important! Although I was very loose on the past two giveaways, it is really important to read the qualifications. Many people did not answer the mandatory entry question and others tweeted their entry incorrectly so it could not be logged in Rafflecopter. For the most part, I did not disqualify entries because of this although I may start to do so in the future.

I’m working on buying items for Giveaway #3!


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