Craft: Organizing your sewing patterns! | video

If you do any type of crafting be it jewelry, embroidery or sewing then you would know frustrating it can be when your tools and items are not in order. You can’t find anything when you need it and things pop up when you don’t want them at all. For me this would be keeping my sewing patterns in their place and while this was manageable with only a few packages, as my collection started to grow it became a great annoyance. And most annoying part? Trying to stuff the used pattern pieces back into those itsy bitsy envelopes. Who came up with this anyways?!?


This idea for making a pocket envelope came to me while I was looking at an old binder, the type that had a clear see-through pocket in the front. Now wouldn’t that be a great idea for storing those easy to loose pattern pieces? Easy, accessible and easy to read and all you need are a few easy to find stationary items!

Your finished storage should have the original envelope nicely displayed in the front (protected by the cover but still easy to remove if needed) to read all the sizing information and the pattern pieces inside the large roomy kraft envelope. These sizes also fit perfectly into the tall Ikea storage bins I have already holding my goodies.

  • Large size kraft/craft envelopes (9×12″)
  • Plastic sheet protectors
  • Scissors & tape
Read to go?
Let’s Start!
Once you get the hang of it, you can just grab yourself a bunch of materials turn up the stereo and have an afternoon organizing all your goods. In fact, I actually find myself using my patterns more often after I have transferred them into this system because I am no longer bothered by the thought of having to fold all the pattern pieces delicately into the small envelope.

And don’t forget that preserving the pieces are especially important if you own any vintage or out of print patterns because you won’t be able to just repurchase a new set. Having the clear plastic to keep the original envelope ensures that the flaps and corners (the easiest worn parts) won’t turn into giant rips and that the text remain legible for longer.


So here you have it, an easy and useful storage system that’s simple but neat. And having neat space always inspires me to create something beautiful!
Happy Crafting Everyone!

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