Sephora finds: March Wishlist

As part of my bi-weekly ritual I made a trip over to Sephora (online of course) to browse through their collection in search of new releases and goodies. Although the Sephora website is only accurate for American orders (some items aren’t even available in stores here at all), I still love seeing what items I should be anticipating. And of course web browsing is safer for my wallet since the likelihood of me ordering online is slim, free shipping is for after $120Cad…

If you haven’t been around that beauty heaven in a while, let me share some of my recent finds!
 Sepohra wishlist 01-2012
  • Laura Mercier “Lingerie Palette” has been on everyone’s lips since its launch. As part of the LM spring collection, I really hope it will still be available by the time I do have a chance to go into the store because this one is stunning. Unlike the previous releases, LM swapped out the lipsticks and put in a new row of eye shadows. The colours are so feminine and sophisticated, I’m afraid this one will be sold out soon!
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay 12hr Full Coverage Foundation had my heart at full coverage. In all honesty I wouldn’t wear a full coverage foundation daily but I am always intrigued by the promise of flawless skin. Zero pores, smooth as silk, even toned and luminous, oh yes you know what I’m talking about! I do like the concept of Tarte incorporating natural ingredients into their beauty products while still maintaining performance but this one definitely needs to be swatched!
  • TooFaced “Natural at Night” palette is the latest of the eyeshadow palette series released by the ever so cheeky brand Too Faced. Can you believe that after all these years I have yet to own any of these famous palettes? Me either but as much as I am attracted to them I want to choose one that isn’t a repeat of the others in my collection and this one could be it!
  •  Korres “Wild Rose” kit is something that I wouldn’t think twice about picking up if I was in Sephora and in need of some skincare. Having used the Wild Rose cream previously, I know it’s a beautifully textured, fragrant and skin loving line. It’s a shame that I’m always on the hunt for new products and haven’t had a chance to return to this.

Sephora Wishlist 03-2012

  • Dior Healthy Awakening Blush is a colour adapting blush that is meant to work with your own body chemistry to produce your unique blush shade. There have been a few blush/lipgloss releases claiming this technology but I’ve always been a little skeptical. However, even if it doesn’t change shades, I think the bright pink in the pan is equally alluring and worth a swatch.
  • Benefit “Highbeam” highlighter has been on my wishlist since goodness knows how long. I keep thinking that I can find something for a better price (it’s $35CAD here) since after all, it’s just some pink sparkly highlighter right? Oh contraire mon ami! There is something about the intensity of the silvery pink liquid that really gives you modelesque cheekbones like no other. I was enthralled by the glow when I owned alittle sample of it and I think I really need this back in my life.
  • Justin Beiber “Never say never” perfume was NEVER something that I thought I would like. To be fair, I was never drawn to any particular celebrity scent as I find the concept a little strange. However I had received a small tester strip in my magazine and was drawn to the sweet girliness of the fragrance. I was even more interested after finding out that they offered a hair fragrance mist…yes…maybe I shall dabble in that and no one has to know I’m in with the Biebs.
  • Tarina Tarintino “Dollskin” Cheek palette has been haunting me ever since I saw it online at Sephora. Her design and style truly embraces a whimsical everlasting femininity that I really enjoy in makeup. Certainly there is nothing wrong with classic, sophisticated beauty but sometimes girls just want to play and what better way to express that identity than through a fun and flirty cheek palette! I really hope this is not limited edition!

Sephora Wishlist 03-2012

  • Jimmy Choo perfume is a much anticipated launch for this year. Having tried it on a strip at the store I couldn’t quite makeup my mind about it. But good grief the bottle design is a stunner.
  • YSL Harmony for eyes #13 Candy is just too fun to be missed for spring! Though I can’t quite justify spending so much on colours that I won’t wear day to day I think this is absolutely worth collecting if it is within your price range. Who knew that YSL could play it cute?
  • Josie Maran Argan Balm is taking the popularity of argan oil to a new level with an easy to travel tin of argan oil balm. Though I haven’t been wooed by argan oil I do love the concept of an oil balm which is easy to carry in my purse without the fear of leakage, plus it will make me more likely to use it since I can reach for it anytime. Rub a little through the hair, a little on the cuticles, a little along the cheekbones…oh yeah, I think I can learn to love this.
  • DIOR polish in “Waterlilly” is the hottest shade for spring in my opinion. Forget about the neons, pastels have still got it for the upcoming warmer weather. Whilst I am not a fan of most green nail polishes there is something about the hue of Waterlilly that I find extremely beautiful. Not too pale and not too deep, this shade even has a shot of silver shimmer for added intensity. I’m sure this one will receive lots of wear all the way through summer.

Something’s got your heart at Sephora?
Share it with me in the comments!


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