Daily Goods: Going Nude with Physicans Formula

I firmly believe there is no such thing as having too many neutral brown eye shadows. *nods affirmatively to self* Ever since I watched a video by Emily Noel (here) on her recommendations for “nude” or “naked” eye shadows, I had been dreaming of a particularity beautiful piece from Physicians Formula. But as all good things go, it was incredibly if not impossible to locate. I had never seen this one in the drugstores here and I had been worried it was a limited edition release which I missed. I even did an ebay hunt only to find that I was too late to purchase the single one that I found. All seemed lost and I had no hope of ever seeing it…until
Β Physicans Formula Nude shimmer Strips palette
I was dropping by a local drugstore on a tight schedule to pick up a much need mascara and with the only five minutes I had available I made a mad run across the aisles when suddenly a tag for a Physicians Formula sale caught my eye. Low and behold one Nude eyes palette was just sitting there on the hanger all by itself!

Physicans Formula Nude shimmer Strips palette

While it certainly isn’t hard to find a brown eyeshadow set (usually in a duo or quad) in the drugstore, it’s very difficult to find a palette with a large variation. Pigmentation also comes as a huge problem with drugstore eye shadows but having previously used a shimmer strip kit before, I feel reasonably safe with my purchase.

Physicans Formula Nude shimmer Strips palette

As you see here, this set leans on the cool/taupe side of brown and although I would usually shy away from this side of the spectrum the NYX Ts17 trio had me braving to try something new. I think someday I will end up with the Urban Decay Naked palette or the Too Faced set but for now I’m always going to be looking for affordable options and this seems like a great way to start!

Have you spotted this palette in your drugstore yet?


2 thoughts on “Daily Goods: Going Nude with Physicans Formula

  1. Catherine Lambert says:

    I got the warm eyes palette from Physician's formula before I got the Naked 2 palette from UD… I somehow couldn't get much use out of the PF palette… all the colors seemed to appear the same on the eyes (overly shimmery colors) even though they looks and swatch well. I tried to get good color pay off with different eye primers, different brushes, name it! Unfortunately I thought that this palette was a total waste of my money. That is the reason why I went out and bought the UD Naked 2 palette which I am totally loving! Honestly, I think that this splurge is totally worth it! I even like the Naked basics better… I can't live without this palette anymore!


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