Fashion: Clutches, sweaters and Lauren Conrad

The spring fashion editions are finally arriving on the magazine stands and I couldn’t be more excited to see the spring colours and bright dresses. Every couple of months People magazine (which regularly pumps out gossip and paparazzi photos) puts together a fun filled “Style Watch” edition which I love. Not only does it include the hot trends of the season but they show them on celebrities and include more affordable alternatives, the photography is always crisp and the page layout engaging.

Take a look at a few of my favourite pages below!
*click to enlarge*
 People_March2012 (1)

People_March2012 (2)

I LOVE this page! Everything here is so feminine and sweet, from the pink suede shoe to that gorgeous Valentino fragrance (which I must remember to check out). I can certainly see myself hunting down some similar pieces for my own closet.

People_March2012 (3)

I’ve never kept up with The Hills or any of Miss Conrads other adventures however I was fairly impressed by this set of items that she picked out. I’ve always seen her as a typical “So-Cal” type of girl but these muted shades are super chic and romantic.

People_March2012 (5)

Ahhhh, clutches. I am having a major clutch moment right now even though I don’t think I’ve ever owned a clutch in my life. But hey, every girl must start somewhere right? I’ve always though they were a little cumbersome since you must hold them in your hands at all times but I can deny their allure. Currently I have my eyes on the lookout on a suede soft clutch….in fact I just might take the matter into my own hands and DIY a suede studded piece.

People_March2012 (4)

A sweater and skirt kind of girl? This classic pairing never goes out of style whether you wear it retro a la Sandy in Grease or add a modern twist with a graphic skirt and textured sweater, it’s an easy to wear outfit that always flatters.

In addition to picking up People’s Style Watch, my spring LouLou subscription also came in the mail as well and since LouLou is a shopping magazine, you can be sure that they always have great items to share!

*click to enlarge*



Not to miss a beat, these little round balls of colour immediately caught my attention. What are they you ask? It’s a new type of temporary hair colour that washes out easily with your next shower. I’ve been hearing lots of talk about “hair chalking”, using artists chalk to “dye” your hair but the thought of having gunky powdery hair chalk in my hair? Yuck. Perhaps these will be the right solution!


As much I appreciate the creativity and the artistic aesthetic that goes into an editorial fashion shoot, what I love even more are easy to wear fashion layouts that do the hard work of finding what colours and patterns work well together. Make it easy for me to find what I need and I will keep coming back to you.


I’ve bookmarked so many fun and fashionable pieces that I want to incorporate into my wardrobe and I can’t waiting to get hunting or crafting on them. You should still be able to find People’s Style Watch and LouLou (if you live in Canada) in stores right now so don’t miss out on these two fabulously fun editions!


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