Daily Goods: Garnier Miracle BB Cream

With the onset of the BB Cream craze hitting North America, I thought I might as well just jump in the middle of this frenzy and get my paws dirty. Having already purchased the Marcelle BB Cream (which is holding up well in my daily wear testing), I was curious at how a drugstore version would measure in comparison.
Garnier BB Miracle Cream

BB Cream
Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector

I found this BB Cream in the skincare aisle (not the makeup section) right along with the rest of Garnier’s skincare range. There are two colour versions available (Light-Medium, Medium-Dark)of which I chose the lighter one. Even though it retails for roughly $16 CAD you are getting 75ml of product (versus 45ml from Marcelle) so it is still a great value. I will be putting Garnier to the test and there will be a review when the time is ripe!

Have you given Garnier BB Cream a go yet?
Let me know in the comments below!

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