Style: ASOS bag hunt

Handbags have always been a strange conundrum for me, on one hand I love how they look but on the other hand I can’t imagine getting one of them dirty! What if they get a scratch? What if there is a dirty mark? Oh the horror
With all that being said, I still can’t resist browsing through the bag section online and when I was on, I spotted a few very gorgeous arm candies that I thought I’d share…

Asos Bag_05

I adore the casual but “updated” feel of this cross body bag. The simple two pocket construction has handles for easy carrying if you choose to remove the strap. But what really makes this bag stand out is the porcelain blue fabric/pattern. It appears to be a floral design but the shapes are broken up as not to look too “dated” and of course the sports-like design makes this bag casual but cool.

Asos Bag_06

Floral bags don’t have to be the same as the one your Grandma carries. An updated barrel design with big leather details makes this choice a great one to throw over jeans or pair with your spring dress. With enough room inside for bath suit and flip flops, I’m really loving this one!

Asos Bag_04

Somehow this bag has an expected wow-factor for me, it’s chic but the big bold design and colour makes this bag worthy of the Cali sun. Turquoise and brown can do no wrong together and this bag would be a versatile choice for bringing into the office or taking out on the weekends.

Asos Bag_01

I am a huge fan of textures and this bag instantaneously caught my eye with it’s suede and leather construction.The tasteful gold hardware and the neutral tones of muted teal and beige keeps this bag simple and brings attention to the contrasting textures. A sophisticated but stand out choice!

Asos Bag_08

Isn’t this bag just so cute? It looks like an over-sized version of a small classic handbag, sleek in shape and design with no extra clutter or distracting details. However in making the bag larger, it somehow feels more casual (even with jeans and a t-shirt) than conservative and the preppy pastel pink will fit right in with my summer wardrobe!

Asos Bag_07

Sophisticated? Oh yes!
Boring? Oh no!
This envelope style clutch stole my heart with it’s light blue crocodile pattern. No longer just something to carry your pens and wallet, this clutch can certainly be the main focus in an outfit. Wear it with a something neutral to bring attention to the bag or pair it with something equally colourful for the night out.

Asos Bag_03

Well Helllloooo Cowgirl!
This sweet little cross body bag with flip flap closure in leather is nothing new but the bright coral/pink details add an element of fun and whimsy. Pair it with some Levi’s and boots for a laid back look but I think it would look equally cute with a little gingham skirt out on a picnic.

Asos Bag_02

I leave you with this darling little swallow decal purse, gold wrapped curves and the perfect size to throw in a few cards and your sunglasses for a date out with the girls. Again, I was hit by this lovely s shade of muted teal which seems to be making a hit this year, just enough colour but nothing too flashy. This vintage inspired purse instantly put a smile on my face!
A few of these are currently on sale though stock is usually limited, I never get there fast enough to actually purchase anything on sale at ASOS. You can find these and more at…
Sadly, I haven’t mustered up the gusto to splurge on a beautiful bag yet. Most of mine have been hand me downs or inexpensive fabric totes. I’d love to own a gorgeous bag but before then, I think I might give a shot at making a suede clutch….more details (and perhaps a DIY tutorial) on that to come!

Are you a bag lover?
I’d love to hear more, talk to me in the comments!

One thought on “Style: ASOS bag hunt

  1. Jessy says:

    i really like the pink tote, and the one with the birdie decor~~~i would've never bought Dolly Winks Online because i think they are over priced and the lashes are not cheap to start with…but most of my lashes are from ebay, some from China when i went back last year..and for the most part, the ebay lashes works fine by me. But i feel japanese lashes have more design, and thats what i like about it…i want to buy Diamond lashes too…but still havent found a dealer on ebay that has reasonable price yet…lol..Jessy


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