Bunnie Loves: Episode #3

I thought it was about time for another current favourites video so here’s a new episode of “Bunnie Loves”…a look at what products have my heart singing recently. 
Let’s jump into it with the video!
*click to play*


Bunnie Favourites
Tony Moly Dual Effect Sleeping Pack
  • This product absolutely surprised me, I was new to sleeping masks but after receiving a sample of this with an order I was incredibly intrigued. What worried me most was the thick silicone texture of the cream/mask, fearing that it might clog my pores horribly but to my delight I did not have any breakouts but instead was left with glowly well hydrated skin the next morning.
  “Friction” by FCUK
  • If you’ve read my review on this perfume (HERE), you would already know that I’m head over heels for this summery fruity-coconut cocktail. Just the right amount of sweet fruitiness with a lingering dry-down of sandalwood and musk I think Friction is an unexpectedly well made perfume that will please anyone wanting a flirty sexy scent.

Bunnie Favourites

Annabelle Lip liners
  • Though I am still in the exploratory stages with lip liners, Annabelle’s lip liner products stand out as being hard working, flattering and reasonably priced. For the occasional lip liner user, these pencils provide the perfect combination of firmness and pigmentation so you don’ have to drag it across your lips to get the right amount of colour. The slighter firmer texture also means the line is less likely to smudge and it was comfortable to wear even when I filled my entire lip area with the pencil.
Maybelline “Pearly Pink” 
Hard Candy “Girl Next Door”
  • If you’ve never been weary of wearing a pearl or frost lipstick, try a combo like the pair I mentioned in the video. Wearing a pinky gloss with a very fine shimmer will tone down the sheen from the lipstick and the added glossy shine will make the look much more approachable. Choose a lipstick with a good amount of opacity/tone is also important, my favourite of the moment is this yummy duo of “Pearly Pink” with “Girl next door” on top.

Bunnie Favourites

NYX in “TS17” shadow palette
  • From first glance this palette was absolutely not my cup of tea. I’ve always adored the taupey brown eye look that I’ve seen other people pull off so effortlessly but on myself I felt the cool tones look unnatural. Well in came this palette from a sweet love package and it completely changed my mind. Even though the shadows have a silvery taupey look in the pan, as I hesitantly applied on my eyes the colours just blended together beautifully. The result was an eye look that was different enough from my day to day warm/coppery browns but still neutral enough so I can pair it with any lipstick.
What has been you recent favourite beauty item?
Share it with me in the comments below!


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