HAUL: Spring fabric, crafting goods & makeup books!

A mummble jumbo of fun items in today’s 2 for 1 haul video. That’s right, one for beauty items and makeup books and the other for my fabrics and notions. Though you might want a chance of topic once in a while and since I am a crafty bunnie at heart, what better joy to share than some wonderful spring fabrics and sewing accessories.

Let’s jump in with the beauty goods!
~ click to play ~

As you can see today’s beauty haul had a different twist to it, I am currently in a huge reading/book phase and of course I went hunting for new ones to add to my collection. Two classic beauty items made its way back into my life and I couldn’t be more thrilled…

Through all my experiences with beauty products, in the end you realize that when it comes to certain products…it is what it is and boy are these two bottles special. I won’t leak too much juicy details right now but you can be sure this is not the last time you’ll see of them.
 Shalimar and Escada samples
At both Sephora and the Guerlain counter I was gifted sample vials of perfume. Shalimar, which is the other Guerlain legend (next to Samsara of course) and Escada’s new release named Sexy Graffiti. It took me a second to realize that the Escada vial came in a stick format which I thought was particularity clever as it allows you to precisely control the application and amount used. Sprays on the other hand, tend to go everywhere!
Rae Morris_Scott Barnes makeup books
Well how gorgeous are these faces!
I have been a fan of Scott Barnes products since I first tried it out about 2 years ago but alias it’s rather difficult to get a hold of (as it is now discontinued, I think) and the selection is poor from the few places that you can still find them online. I was especially interested in his face sculpting technique and the way he uses it to transform and define the features, quite brilliant I must say and very Hollywood!

And for a little something extra, here’s a look at some fabric and trim I picked up recently. A good selection of spring hues, fun lace and yards of crochet just waiting to be incorporated into a flowy sundress.

~ click to play ~

A quick compilation of the pieces themselves, I just love the soft tones and beautiful textures of these fabrics. I’m already thinking a shabby chic blazer and a Laguna Moon inspired denim jumper with crochet trim (Lena was wearing it in VIVI, what can I say?)… if anything happens, you’ll definitely see a post!
Haul_Crafty goodies 01
 That’s all for today, I will have a review on something awesome posted next so don’t forget to check back soon. Wishing you all dream wonderful crafty dreams….


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