Daily Goods: Paint me softly… Sally Hansen nail polish

I took this photo yesterday, when it was beautifully sunny and warm (for February anyways) and what do you know, today the clouds rolled in again. Well, at least I can look at this photo and feel a little better.

I’m a huge lover of creme finish nails…perhaps it’s a inner rebellion from growing up in the 90s when metallic was all the rage. Or maybe it was the experience of owning my very first nail polish….a metallic rust orange. Either way I’ve been quite attached to cremes and I’ve recently added these two to my collection.

 SH_Salon Manicure np

(L) Without a stitch
(R) Shall we dance?
The Sally Hansen complete salon manicure series is meant to have everything you need for beautifully done nails in one step; base coat, strengthener, colour, topcoat. But as my previous encounters with do-it-all products tells me, there is a high possibility that they will no nothing at all. (Two in one shampoo and conditioner? Yuck.) 
I was especially attracted to “With out a stitch”, which I later found out was part of the Prabal Gurung and Sally Hansen collaboration for Spring 2011. It may look just like any plain old nude but upon closer inspection it was unlike any of the nude shades I own. It has a pale yellow “creme brulee” undertone, not beige or taupe…just an almost sandy yellow which may absolutely rock or completely fail with my pale yellow undertone. I will be sure let you all know with a swatch when I get a chance to try this on.


2 thoughts on “Daily Goods: Paint me softly… Sally Hansen nail polish

  1. Jessy says:

    im not much of a nail person normally but every once in a while i go through a nail polish crazy phase…i think Shall we dance is a very lovely pretty pink color~~~it looks very creamy..Jessy


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