Daily Goods: PONY’s Korean makeup book

Look what I found in my mailbox!
*waves frantically*
Ulzzang PONY makeup book
Now in case ya’ll can’t read Korean (neither can I) and you think I’m a nut, here’s a little background information. This is a Korean makeup book penned by one of the most popular original Ulzzangs in the cyberworld…Park Hye Min, otherwise known in the triple-w as “PONY”!

Photos of her can be found scattered throughout the internet but most are traced back to her blog.

PONY cybworld blog: http://www.cyworld.com/jpshop01


I’m not absolutely familiar with the term but “ulzzang” was a major Korean (and later Asian) trend which roughly translates into “perfect face”. Guys and gals deemed as Ulzzang have a certain desired facial beauty (natural, makeup or Photoshop..bring it on!) and are often online models and bloggers. They are, in a sense, everyday celebrities… whilst they are not actors or performers, their day-in-the-life photographs keeps them on top of the Asian blog world.


I discovered Pony while browsing through a forum on Asian idols (a whole post onto itself..someday) and like most people I was quite taken by her makeup skills, particularly the way that she made even the heavy looks quite wearable. What results from her tutorials are always approachable and perfectly shaded, two qualities that I admire. To date she has released two makeup books and I searched high and low for a copy….


In the end I tracked one down on ebay and purchased her second makeup book. While I’m quite certain that I am not taking full advantage of her book since I can not read Korean, the abundance of photographs in the pages combined with my basic knowledge of makeup products works out decently and I am quite thrilled with trying out some of her looks.



Stay tuned for a full review on her makeup book as this book certainly deserves one, I just find her so lovely! I think I might need to go through her products list a pick up a few items that are frequently features and perhaps even share some inspired tutorials…
Let me know what you think!


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