Review: Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer

Meet my new favourite concealer.

Glamoflauge heavy duty concealer has a lot going for it, with all the “ooohs” and “aaaahs” from the beauty community since it’s initial release everyone was excited to see a concealer heavy weight in the drugstore.
Hard Candy Glamflauge concealer
Boasting tattoo worthy coverage and a creamy formulation I was eager to jump in and try this one out for myself. Having gone through a slew of concealers (almost all of the MAC ones, Revlon, Almay, Maybelline) there were very few that performed exceptionally well to hold a semi-permanent spot in my top makeup drawer (most used items). But this one tube might change it all….

Let’s start off with the basic stats:
  • 3 colours available (light, medium, tan)
  • includes one tube of concealer and a concealer pencil 
  • No SPF
  • available in Walmart exclusively where Hard Candy is sold
  • Runs approximately $7 CAD

Hard Candy Glamflauge concealer

I have here the shade light which I was extremely hesitant on purchasing because it looked rather dark in the tube. The colour selection is small as with most drugstore base products but should fit a range of people between NC15/NC20 to NC40 or so.

Ready for the details?
Click the video to watch my review!

A quick summary…
As you can see from the minimal ingredients list below, Glamoflauge is not here to play around. It doesn’t boast any skin-caring, SPF-providing, moisturizing properties at all. Instead it is solely and solidly a concealer and in this aspect is performs superbly well. In fact, I would call it comparable to the concealers by Coverblend (the high end conceal-it-all mega hit) though this is every so slightly powdery and heavier in feel but not by much. The pigmentation alone is worth a look by someone who is interested in a full coverage concealer.

Hard Candy _Glamoflauge

The only major things preventing this tube in becoming my favourite concealer? PETROLATUM.

No it isn’t the evil of all beauty ingredients and I’m sure there are likely other things much worse that exists in my makeup products but just the word “petrolatum” or otherwise “mineral oil” in a base product makes me cringe. Maybe it’s actually not so bad, certainly on the occasions I have put this on my face for blemishes nothing horrific happened but it is undeniably something that will continue to bother me.

Hard Candy Glamflauge concealer

My final breakdown

  • Truly a full coverage concealer, very little is needed for each application.
  • Smooth to blend and adheres well to skin, easy to reapply if needed.
  • Longer than expected lasting ability; 5 hours no problem!
  • Dries to a slightly powdery finish so you can skip powder.
  • No breakouts so far with consistent use, no significant clogged pores either.
  • No SPF means no fears of flash photography.
  • Best for those with oily, normal/combination or slightly dry skin.
  • *TIP: Apply this with a synthetic concealer brush, then smooth with fingers for best results.
    • The mineral oil content should be taken note of if you break out easily with this ingredient, it is the dominant ingredient to give this concealer its smoothness.
    • Lack of colour selection will be problematic for some, the concealer applies quite a bit lighter than it looks in the tube.

Overall, Glamoflague is an excellent product to try. It is absolutely hard working and deserves every penny! A true drugstore dupe of some high end base products costing 3-4 times it’s price.

Hope you enjoyed today’s review.
Do share your thoughts on your favourite concealer below!

5 thoughts on “Review: Hard Candy Glamoflauge concealer

  1. PBunnieP says:

    @FannieThe pencil is rather average, it's soft enough so it won't hurt your skin but id doesn't seem to have the same coverage as the tube. Would be good for cleaning up around the lip line but other wise I never use it.


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