OPEN: GlymmBox… Jan 2012

The first Glymmbox for 2012 arrived at my doorstep a few days ago and as usual, I was curious to see what goodies awaited testing for this month. This is my third Glymm beauty box and I have been generally pleased so far with the selection though I have yet to be floored by a particular box yet!

Let’s see what hopefuls are inside January’s box….

 Glymmbox 01-2012
A few quick points on “beauty boxes” and Glymm Box in general.
Available in Canada.
  • This is a “subscription” service (like you would a magazine)
  • $10/month (+ tax) + free shipping per month 
  • Receive a specially curated box of deluxe sized beauty samples (often times there is at least one full sized product!)
  • Products are chosen based on your initial preference survey but it’s a box of surprises every single month!
  • Glymm offers points for each box purchased (more points if you refer friends) which can be redeemed for products on their website.
That’s the brief but if you want more details on Glymm as a service, 
you can drop by their website HERE.

At first glance…

Glymmbox 01-2012

…. the box contents seemed good but again not “wow” in my opinion (of course this also varies depending on what products that you are interested in). My own preferences generally veer towards skincare and makeup so products in that range tend to excite me more so than others.

Click to roll the video!

A closer look…

Glymmbox 01-2012


Clear brow gel
  • Allure’s editor’s choice award winner
  • Keeps brows in order without being stiff or flaky
  • Full size: 0.28oz @ $21 CAD
My first thoughts: This would have been so much more appreciated by me if it was a tinted version. As someone who has very few brow hairs, I don’t need much “taming” but rather I need something to add some colour and shape to them. However I can see how choosing the “clear” version to send would make this a more universal product. On the bright side, Anastasia is a much talked about brand and one I would definitely be interested to invest in given some testing. Generally, I don’t just JUMP into a brow investment. 


Eye Pencil “Black”
  • Cutting edge formulation, highly pigmented in a smudge free formula.
  • Easy application with minimal skipping.
  • Full size: 2g @ $16 CAD
My first thoughts: YES! A black eye pencil! While the point of these beauty boxes are to get me to try out new products, I’m often just not a “colourful eyeliner” type of gal. But a good old black pencil? Well I can certainly appreciate this one! Overall I am very faithful to my Revlon liquid liner but my favourite pencil liner is the MUFE AquaEyes. With a light swatch, I found the Cargo to be quite pigmented although not a deep rich black as I anticipated. I do love the firmness of the product, it has great potential to create a beautiful graphic line.

Glymmbox 01-2012


Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion
  • Clinically proven to restore moisture
  • Milk and Honey soothe, soften and hydrate skin with no greasy feel.
  • Full size: 170grams @ $12.99 CAD
My first thoughts: I would have preferred this in a tube because once you open this type of paper packing, they dry up fast! Other than that, I’m pleased to receive this Burt’s Bee’s product. From the couple of items I tried over the holidays their products seem to be solid and I’m taking quite a liking to their lip balms. The price of the full size is a little more than what I would usually prefer to pay for a drugstore lotion (hey, Vaseline on sale is only 2.99Cad) but not over the top.


BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
  • Aloe-enriched cleanser brightens with papaya enzymes.
  • Reveal a brighter, younger looking complexion with micro-crystals for a rejuvenated look.
  • Full size: 120ml @ $34 CAD

My first thoughts: This is my first encounter with Vasanti although I’ve seen it been mentioned in other people’s beauty boxes previously. I believe Vasanti is a Canadian beauty brand offering both skincare and makeup products. At first glace I was pretty excited about a face exfoliator, it is an essential part of a well balanced skincare routine in my opinion and I have tried quite a slew of exfoliating products over the years. At $34 dollars for a full sized tube (almost the price for a Dior cleanser) this had better perform some miracles.


Juicy Bamboo facial cleansing cloths
  • Sweep away dirt, makeup and oil for a clear complexion.
  • Soaked in vitamins and made with 99% natural ingredients.
  • Full size: 30 cloths @ $17.99 CAD

My first thoughts: Simply said, I’m just not much of a facial cloth user. I have upon occasions “indulged” in some Dove cleansing cloths which were convenient and fun but not a necessity for me unless I’m traveling. I do like the fact that this is made with 99% natural ingredients but as a makeup removing cloth in general, I would likely just opt for a bottle of grape seed oil and call it a day!

This wraps up my Janurary GlymmBox 2012.
Let me know what was in your beauty box lovelies!


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