Demo: Sweet Valentine Glitter Gradation Nails

Hello Everybody,
I’ve got a sweet simple and beautiful nail look to share with you. If you’re not one to get too crazy with your digits but want something fun and different then this will be the perfect style to try out.
Simple Glitter Gradation Nails
The best part? 
It’s super easy to achieve!

This look was inspired by this absolutely adorable nail set I purchased a few weeks ago from Etude House… I’ve never had the patience to do many fancy nail designs but this set made it a snap to get glitterlicious nails (ok, so I’m sure that’s not really a word….)

ETUDE Party Gradation nail set

Feminine, girly, sparkly.
Think ahead for Valentines!

Simple Glitter Gradation Nails

I’m still trying to get myself around doing “nail swatches” so forgive me for the awkward experimental photos today… must learn from some nail blogs!

Let’s take a look at the basics….

Simple Glitter Gradation Nails

I didn’t use anything extra other than the basic Etude set along with a base plus a top coat. I’ll add in a couple of tips at the end along with different colour variations but first….

Click the video go get going on this sweet nail look.

See, I told you it was quick and painless…

Simple Glitter Gradation Nails

A few tips and trick to look out for when doing a gradation nail

  • Base Colour: Feel free to choose a sheer or opaque nail polish, a creamy base actually looks very pretty but if you would like to keep the look more natural (like you magically have diamond finger tips) certainly choose a semi-sheer base colour.
  • Mid colours: Whatever colour you choose (be it glitter or not) make sure this nail polish has a semi-sheer finish, if you are laying an opaque colour over your base it’s very easy to end up with an awkward harsh blunt line. *TIPIf you are using a different shade, try applying the 2nd coat when the 1st one is still slightly wet. It will help them blend a little better.
  • Final shade: Choose a polish with chunky glitter bits for maximum impact and remember to “dot” the polish so the glitter adheres to your nail instead of clinging to the brush like they tend to do. 

*TIPRemember that you can always use more than 3 polishes for your gradation nail. This is especially helpful if you have longer nails and have more space to cover as this will also help give more room for the colours to blend…more layers, more blend ability.

Try this look with some other colours!
I pulled a few from my collection and quickly gave them a go.
*all combos below do no have top coat…

Simple Glitter Gradation Nails

Simple Glitter Gradation Nails

A pretty way to dress up your spring pastels!

Simple Glitter Gradation Nails

Simple Glitter Gradation Nails

For those who love a classic red nail…

Simple Glitter Gradation Nails

Simple Glitter Gradation Nails

Simple Glitter Gradation Nails

Try this out and have some fun!
Let me know your favourite glitter gradation combinations!


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