Scent: Friction by FCUK

..feminine & hypnotic – a tantalizing mix of fruity florals and velvety coconut penetrates the senses and leaves him begging for more…

 by FCUK

Friction perfume FCUK
Advertised as a seriously sexy perfume, Friction hit me a little unexpected but in a very good way… for one thing I was unaware that the promo image for Friction was Lindsay Lohan.

…but FCUK had a few more tricks up its sleeve than Miss Lohan, the intriguing blend was something that I have never encountered before and I was hooked!


  • Released in 2011
  • notes:
    pink honeysuckle, apple blossom, red berries, creamy coconut, spun sugar, vanilla absolute, pink jasmine, white vetiver, blonde woods, sandalwood, amber, magnetic musk.

Let’s rewind a few and talk about how I came about this fragrance as I do feel that it was rather a matter of luck and ….well, lack of information about the product. I purchased this as part of a boxed FCUK set when my local drugstore was clearing out some out of it’s overstock. With no details about the scent at all and having no experience with FCUK scents to begin with I contemplated for a long time before putting it in my basket. My previous experiences with similar brands like GUESS and CK had me worried that Friction would be too musky and deep for my usual floral self. And had I known that this was a coconut based scent, it would have stayed on the shelf…but that’s where it begins to get interesting….
Friction perfume FCUK


The first whiff had me surprised at the distinctive fruity notes mingled with what was undeniably…coconut. Even stranger? I think I like it. In my mind, coconut scents tended to be overwhelmingly sweet, almost too rich and had something cloying about it. (Think left over coconut cream pie.) Yet this was completely different, the honeysuckle opened the scent with a sweet note, the red berries were bright, almost slightly frosty and the creamy vanilla coconut added depth to the fragrance. This unexpected blend was feminine, flirty, playful and might I say…even a little sexy.


After a good 6 hours of initial application I was still able to catch a waft of FRICTION every once in a while. The majority of the fruitiness has faded, what lingered was a light coconut woven with sandalwood and pink jasmine. This worn effect has a beautiful soft fade on the skin and I suspect….will be a man magnet. The warmth of the base notes, sandalwood and vanilla mixed with the residual coconut makes this the perfect snuggle scent for fireside evenings. (Apparently, according to most magazines food scents are a huge turn on. Pumpkin anyone?) However, I still have no idea what is “white vetiver”….still need to research on that one.

Friction perfume FCUK


  • Smells like: fruity floral cream
  • What stands out the most: honeysuckle, red berries, coconut, sandalwood
  • I’d recommend this for: women of all ages
  • Words I’d use to describe this: feminine, flirty, warm
  • Best worn for: a day scent that dries to something warm & cozy for night
  • Repurchase factor: most definitely considerable

Friction perfume FCUK

This fragrance wowed me on so many levels and had I known any of the descriptions ahead of time, I would have surely just walked away. But this fruity floral from FCUK was completely unexpected. Without the heavy muskiness of CK scents (I keep mentioning CK because I try really hard to love their scents), this undoubtedly feminine elixir is a great choice for those shy girly girls who are afraid step out of their everyday comfort zone. It’s something familiar with a little extra magic.

Tried anything by FCUK before?
Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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