Style: Vintage quirk at Mod Cloth

I have a soft spot for old things.
(not the ripped up, green moldy kind)
I love the design, detailing and character of vintage clothing but of course shopping vintage is a tricky business. It’s hard to find them in good condition and sometimes they are even more expensive than new clothes. 
During my web browsing I’ve come across this website many times and when I finally curiously clicked on the ad, I was hooked! Now, I have yet to take plunge on any of the items and make an order but I wanted share my browsings from this kitschy, stylish, vintage inspired site!
Mod Cloth --blogpost

Mod Cloth mainly retails vintage inspired clothing, jewelery, accessories, housewares and even shoes. What drew me there were the gorgeous dresses and the quirky home decor.

Here are some of my favourite finds!

Mod Cloth --blogpost

Can’t say no to a coral dress. Ok, well this might be borderline orange but I’d like to think it’s coral anyways. I love the lines in this dress, normally I veer towards simplistic styling but I think the crepe fabric and vibrant hue makes this dress an absolute winner.

Mod Cloth --blogpost

This is something that I’d choose for a fancy dinner out on the town. Again, there’s that bright pop of red/coral in the bodice but that vintage lace gives this an old school appeal. The shape is a classic sheath but who can resist that little peek-a-boo bit at the back?

Mod Cloth --blogpost

This top just screams fun in the sun! I love the tangerine leopard design framed by the little black collar. The trapeze shape is rather modern and would go well with some jean shorts and a bright shoe.

Mod Cloth --blogpost

Cute romper? Check.
Floral print? Check.
Pockets for mints? Check.
Absolutely darling for the spring? CHECK CHECK CHECK!

A few other titbits that caught my eye…

Mod Cloth --blogpost

Mod Cloth --blogpost

Mod Cloth also carries some of the cutest home decor items. Everything is such a fun surprise. I think it’ll make any home that much more interesting.

Mod Cloth --blogpost

Mod Cloth --blogpost

A few things I have noticed when looking through their website is the lack of descriptions for materials of the clothing, which (unless you are very good a differentiating via photographs) might be a problem for some. However they do have a “review” section where customers can rate and talk about the item so that is helpful for shopping online. In addition, I really wish they had a petites section as I am rather…small… to say the least.

Mod Cloth --blogpost

Mod Cloth is certainly a treasure house of catchy clothing and accessory pieces. I often see myself as the little black sheep in the crowd, I like something a little different than what is generally offered at the mall. If I’m not sewing it myself, I think Mod Cloth is the place I’d be. It’d also be a great place to look for unique gifts for family and friends…okay, I’ll stop rambling now…I really think I just need to get something from there…
What’s your favourite online place to shop?
Leave me something in the comment below 🙂


2 thoughts on “Style: Vintage quirk at Mod Cloth

  1. Ashley says:

    Yeah i I have a soft spot for old things too. When looking find out what my style was so I type in Aquarius Style and it said things from early 60-70 like hippie fringe to mod are really good on you and futuristic edgy look(TRON?). I tended to rip my jeans and don't care b/c it adds character to shabby hobo look. I modcloth is really expensive and hard to get stock from b/c of the vintage popularity.. .I am into kawaii and Gal style like Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu and Tsubasa and KARA. . .I feel a lot stuff from these era are always being updated so if can't find it in mom's closet and can go out buy and hopefully my wallet work be hurt. . .


  2. PBunnieP says:

    @AshleyOh my…TRON? LOL I'm not quite sure how many of us would rock the Tron look IRL.Personally I'd love a closet of Gal style clothing, I think they are just darling but I must say it's very high maintenance. I've ordered a few vintage patterns and will be working on those when they come.I hope you'll join me for the adventure 😀


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