GiveBack Giveaway #1: The Body Shop LE "Boho Beauty" eyeshadow palette

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
When life gives you love…you give it back!

GiveBack Giveaway #1: TBS Palette

How exciting it is to be able to finally bring you this post that’s been bouncing in my little bunnie head for weeks! With the overwhelming support that you have all shared with me, I wanted to find a way to cast this back into the world.

Thus this new series was created, my Give Back Giveaways are spontaneous, fun and a way for me to say “Thanks for allowing me to do what I do”. There is no set date/period for each giveaway, nor is there any logical trend to the giveaway products. Often times it will be makeup (after all, the beauty junkie Bunnie must stay true to her roots), sometimes it might be a cool gadget, an inspirational book or a handmade accessory. You never know what’s coming up next!
GiveBack Giveaway #1: TBS Palette
The prize for today is a beautiful Limited Edition (The Body Shop) eye palette. This caught my eye instantly because of its versatile colour combination and stylish design…oh and did I mention it was Limited Edition? (I am a huge sucker for LE products.)

GiveBack Giveaway #1: TBS Palette

*The shades are less orange in real life. My camera was having a fit with me. Vintage Apricot is definitely more peach and less tangerine!*

I hope that this new Rafflecopter Widget works out well, I’m excited to get this going on a consistent basis. It would run so much smoother when I don’t have to count entries by hand…horrah!

Please read all the giveaway details below carefully.
I believe you must have Javascript enabled to see the widget!
  • Be a public follower of my Youtube channel and/or my blog.
  • Be at least 18 years of age or have parental consent.
  • Open to residents of CANADA and USA

How to enter: Rafflecopter
  • Follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget you see below, enter via Facebook login or with your name and email address.
  • In the widget, answer the question posted for +1 entry, Tweet this contest for an extra +1 entry for a maximum of two entries per person. All entries will be recorded in Rafflecopter ^_^
  • Make sure to use a current email address as that is the method I will be contacting the winner.
  • **Remember if you are a subbie of mine on Youtube, include your Youtube name in the “extra info” section or else just put N/A.

 Giveaway guide p1

    Giveaway guide p2

    Are you ready?
    Enter in the Widget below.
    GGiveaway 01 -end
    • Winners will be drawn randomly within 1 week after the giveaway ends and will be announced on both my blog and on Twitter.
    • Winners will be contacted via email (which is why it’s important to have a current one when you enter the info below) if there is no response within the week, a new winner will redrawn.
    GiveBack Giveaway #1: TBS Palette

     Thank you for supporting me through my explorations.
    Share this with your friend and let’s get winning!

    Good Luck to all!


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