Happy Haul-a-days: Christmas 2011

Hello, out there!

I’m here with a holiday post, sharing some of the wonderful gifts I had received this winter from family and friends, along with a few haul goodies thrown in here as well….

It’s been a real fun filled haul-a-day!

 Holiday 2011
I’m not sure about y’all but I adore shopping for gifts for the holidays… I take great pride and joy in coming up with quirky, fun or useful items for all occasions. Be it a DIY project, an inside joke toy or just something that reminds of a friend… I think I get more excited planning and wrapping the gifts than the person receiving it! (Hahahaha)

Without further adieu….
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Time for a close up….
           a few nick-nacks from the USA, I go down there once in a while to go to the outlets and usually drop by Walmart as well. Since the States often stock items earlier than we do here (or products not sold here), I always take a quick browse through the beauty isles to scour for goodies.

Haul Christmas 2011

The three items on the left (Clinique, L’Occitane and MAC) came from the CCO. They had a greats selection of products there this time, including a bigger than usual Bobbi Brown collection but I reined myself in (almost go lured away by a Bobbi Brown foundation) and just came out with one necessity which was the toner and one fun item which was the MAC Beauty Powder. (But I really really really did want to try the Bobbi Brown since it is so expensive here at regular price..they had the foundie for $30 usd at the CCO.)

Haul Christmas 2011

Have yet to try this on my face but hoping that it will give me a subtle glow, it’s tinged with a pale champagne shimmer which should blend well with my yellow undertone.

Haul Christmas 2011

Crazily excited about the new Baby Lips lipbalm from Maybelline and might I add that they have just been flying off the shelves here. This one called “Pink Punch” actually provide a fun pop of pink rather like that “I just ate a raspberry popsicle” look which is very cute and flattering.

Haul Christmas 2011

Ta-da! The creator of the curls/waves that you see in the video today. The glove was a great idea in concept but I found it frustrating to pick up hair with it on. There is still much to learn about using this curling wand but I can say I already love the long lasting effect of the curls! I will certainly post more about this Remington wand later.
Haul Christmas 2011

“Who here is a Burt’s Bees fan?”
I’ve heard many a things about them but this is actually the first time I’ve gotten my hands (and lips..hehehe) on these items. Much has been promised now we’ll just have to see if these little guys deliver big results.
Haul Christmas 2011
Ooooooooooooooooooo here come the smelly things! I am a sucker for cute bottle and smelly scents. Although I’m very particular about fragrances, it’s always refreshing to mix it up and be surprised with something I wouldn’t normally choose. None the less, they shall be put to good use…don’t they just look so happy just sitting there?

Haul Christmas 2011

And lastingly, the starting base of my body butter collection….I can certainly see this one growing, hahaha. I’m currently head over heels about the Cocoa butter one (the white mini) not only the luxurious smell but also the smooth consistency of the product and the way it seems to seal the moisture on my skin. This could be the start of a wonderful relationship. 
Now that I think back, I should have photographed what I gave away for the holidays because I found some really wonderful items….must remind myself for next year so I can show you all ^_^
Join in the haul-a-day fun!
Let me know what you received this year!
Leave a comment below to share.

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