Beauty Talk | Advertising, distortion & self identity

Hello y’all,
I thought that I’d touch on a slightly different beauty topic today than usual. It’s been in my mind for a long time to make a video talking about beauty imagery, especially the way it applies to our self image and identity.
Like I said in the video, I feel that the key is to have a clear separation between what we see and the real people in our day to day lives (ourselves included). There is nothing innately wrong with photo editing (or video editing) as it is part of a production and creative process, no one told Advant Garde artists such as Picasso or Matisse to change the images they created because they were not “realistic”, that is the point isn’t it? And once that boundary is established, I think it becomes easier to accept ourselves as real people, alive, breathing, with our own wonderful “flaws” and differences. Let the marketing companies do what they do, it is there job after all to create an illusion of something bigger and better than life. As long as we know the difference, we can all live our happy lives.

And if you haven’t noticed already, a few large cosmetic companies have taken note (stating the obvious perhaps) to identify the post-editing process and to provide more transparency. Here’s a few that I have seen.

Maybelline Falsies mascara ad

Covergirl Natureluxe mascara ad

Lancome Dollyeyes mascara ad

I have seen these types of advertisements for years and only with in the past 6 months or so have I noticed the fine print that has been provided for clarification. Certainly this is a step towards the positive, whatever that is done it should be done with a certain level of transparency. Being able to change and create is a beautiful thing, whether it be a photograph we take, the nail polish your wearing or a new hair colour…just keep it real.
I hope this post and video gave you some ideas to think about and a new beauty perspective for the upcoming year. Happy Holidays, yay Christmas Eve!

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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