TALK: Your essential brushes for makeup

Makeup brushes are a tricky thing, some people swear by them for a flawless look while others don’t care for them that much at all. I think that there are certain useful and helpful brushes to make your makeup application easier and more precise. Today, I’m here to share some of my favourites.

A few things to keep in mind as you are building you brush collection.

  • Look for brushes which fit your style of makeup application (this will make more sense as you watch my video) because while there may be certain “standards” in choosing brushes, in reality you are the one using them. Therefore, they should feel comfortable and fit your purpose.
  • Think of brushes are multi-functional tools. One brush might be good for a variety of usages, choose tools that work hard and work well. Not only will this be more affordable but also skims down your necessary tools.
  • There is no real winner between synthetic and natural haired bristles, rather it depends on what is the brush is used for. Natural hairs are said to better distribute powder products and synthetic hairs might be better suited for cream products as they do not absorb products.

Ready to get going?
Click the video to play!

A quick photo summary…

Makeup brushes --The Basics

(1.) Makeup sponges: 
  • use them wet for blending/applying foundation, cream blush or cream highlighters/bronzers
(2.) Synthetic hair foundation brush:
  • use it for liquid/cream foundations, liquid highlighters or concealer

(3.) Large rounded fluffy brush/Powder brush:

  • use it for look powder/ pressed powder, blush (large areas)
(4.) Small rounded fluffy brush:
  • use it for precision blush application, powder highlighters.

Makeup brushes --The Basics

(1.) Small pointed eyeshadow brush 
  •  use it for precise application of darker shades of eyeshadow or to create a cut-crease look, also great for the lower lash line
(2.) Large round shader brush
  • use it for quickly applying large strokes of colour, the densely packed bristles offer excellent pigmentation effects for eyeshadow, can also be use for blending.
(3.) Fluffy round crease brush
  • use it for softening colour around the edges or blending colours together, I rarely use this for applying colour directly. Will also be good for a soft touch of powder highlighter if you want precision.
(4.) Slanted flat brow/liner brush
  • use it for linning the eyes with powder/gel/cream eyeliner or for drawing in your eyebrows with a powder product.
(5.) Flat synthetic concealer brush
  • use it for applying creamy concealer and for cream eyeshadow as well
(6.) Brow/lash groomer

  • use it for separating clumpy mascara on your lashes and brushing your brow hairs into place
*Missing from the group photo*
(7.) Eyelash curler!
  • use it for creating perfectly curled lashes before mascara, it absolutely helps to enlarge the appearance of the eye and add the finishing touch to your entire eye look.

This wraps up today’s post!
I truly believe that it’s not always necessary to have the most expensive or fancy brush tools to get a beautiful look. Yes they are lovely but it is often the person who uses the tools that make the look come together.
Any tool is quite useless unless you practice using it.
A few essential items will get you to gorgeousness in no time!

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