Tutorial: Victoria’s Secret model inspired makeup

Hello Lovelies,
 I’ve always wanted to try a Victoria’s Secret makeup look and since the 2011 Annual VS fashion show aired last week, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share a VS “angel” inspired makeup tutorial.
Victoria's Secret model makeup look
I feel there’s a few key points that carry through all the VS models, irregardless of their ethnicity (although there are a large number of hot Brazilian models) and style. They are always glamorous yet have that “girl-next-girl” appeal which makes them so lovely. Today’s look is not quite a “replica” of any particular VS makeup look but rather my version of a VS Angel imagery.

Victoria's Secret model makeup look

Let’s get familiar with some of VS’s most popular faces…

Miss “Legs-for-miles”

Veteran VS Model
Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima 02-horz
New Angel on the block
Rosie H.W.

Rosie Hungtinton whitely-horz

Here’s a few key feature to take note of …

  • Natural looking skin (flawless but real)
  • Lush lashes for batting at the boys
  • Plump lips 
  • Bronzers and highlighters for that angelic glow
Victoria's Secret model makeup look
    Ready to transform yourself?
    *click the video to play*

    I feel that this look is really adaptable, certainly it can be worn in an extremely natural way or kicked up with more dramatic lashes and slightly darker eyeshadow. The feel of this look over-all is meant to be soft and approachable but not boring…. extra little details and a light touch should do the trick.

    Victoria's Secret model makeup look

    As you can see, I avoided going all out with the bronzer which would have easily looked too heavy with my pale complexion. Instead I focused on a bright pop of blush and just a slight kiss of shimmer along the cheeks.

    Victoria's Secret model makeup look
    An unedited before & after comparison!
    (oh I’m never quite fond of this part)

    Victoria's Secret model makeup look
    Products used for today’s look.
    • Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation #51
    • Maybelline Fit-Me concealer “Fair”
    • NYX Jumbo eye pencil “Milk”
    • TooFaced shadow duo “Sexpresso” (for brows)
    • Daiso Ellefar palette “peach-gold”
    • Wet ‘n Wild Colour Eyecon trio “Sweet as Candy”
    • Revlon Liquid liner “Black”
    • Dollywink Liquid liner “Black”
    • Shiseido lash curler
    • Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express mascara wp “Glam black”
    • DUO Lash glue
    • Ebay lashes (flared corners)
    • Etude Top 10 Tan shimmer liner
    • CandyDoll blush “Strawberry Pink”
    • Too Faced Pink Leopard Bronzer
    • Rimmel 1000 Kisses lip liner “Tiramisu”
    • Victoria’s Secret Big Smooch plumping gloss “Pink & Plump”

    If you haven’t seen photos from the recently 2011 VS Fashion Show, you can find a good selection of them from PopSugar. They’ve posted a good selection of the photos. Or better yet you can always search Youtube for the real deal.

    As I was researching this, I happened upon some lovely Asian models who walked the runway for VS this year. Including (who appears to be) our beloved Liu Wen, who appeared in photographs from my previous runway inspired makeup looks.

    VS show 01-horz

    In a sea of tanned bronzed skin, it’s nice to see some variety. I mean honesty, my only road to Alessandra’s golden colour is through a bottle of St. Tropez (actually probably two bottles).

    VS show 02-horz

    I hope you all had fun with today’s makeup tutorial and doll up yourself as an angel from time to time. For those who are a little shy about makeup or those looking for a light but pretty look, this one would be a stunner.

    Victoria's Secret model makeup look
    Take care of yourselves everyone.
    And have a wonderful day!

    3 thoughts on “Tutorial: Victoria’s Secret model inspired makeup

    1. Jessy says:

      i luv this look on you, very natural, and i think u got some serious sex appeal with the curled up hair~~~uber hot imo…but what makes me really love this look is the lip colour. its warm, shiny, plumped, and the colour is great fit for you~~~love it~~~Jessy


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