Tutorial: Roberto Cavalli fw2011 (Rustic smokey eyes)

Here’s a look that’s a little out of my comfort zone today, something dark and smokey inspired by the rustic look at the FW2011 Roberto Cavalli fashion show.
Roberto Cavalli FW2011 inspired makeup

The look for the show was a smudgey charcoal eye with hints of rustic cooper and gold it in the tear duct. I skipped over the “scuba hair” look created by leading hair stylist Guido Palau and tried to make my adaptation slightly more wearable.

Roberto Cavalli FW RTW 2011

As always, for creating any inspired look, it really helps to have wonderous photographs so you can see the placement of the colours. All runway and beauty visuals you see here came from my style haven “Style.com” and of course their excellent photographers.
On another note, I’ve been extremely excited about the influx of Asian models in the international fashion scene. Not only does this help to create a more globally cohesive feel but it also makes adapting looks so much easier as I have model references with Asian features similar to mine. See how the make looks so different on Karmen and Nimue (above) and Liu Wen (below)?

Roberto Cavalli FW RTW2011


  • Skin: Satin finish with cream highlighter
  • Cheeks: Bronzing powder
  • Eyes: Charcoal black, khol rimmed eyes, bright rust and gold
  • Brows: Thick and a little unruly
  • Lips: Matte pinky beige
I tried to use similar colour combinations but mainly I focused on the placement of the eyeshadow and the general colour scheme. I lack that intense red rust shadow used on the inner eye so I opted for a orange-cooper instead. Certainly you can always make adaptations using what colours you have on hand.

Roberto Cavalli FW2011 inspired makeup

Ready to see this look in action?
*Click to video to play*

Before & After

Roberto Cavalli FW2011 inspired makeup

For me the biggest challenge were the eyebrows and the general shape of the eyeshadow application. I rarely wear a crease look and certainly not one this dramatic but I was surprised by how it turned out. Of course the false lashes are optional though I felt that it balanced out the heavy eyeshadow and make the look more glamorous overall and more wearable than otherwise.

Roberto Cavalli FW2011 inspired makeup

Products used

  • Lancome Teint Miracle foundation
  • Maybelline Fit-Me pressed powder
  • Maybelline Fit-Me Concealer
  • Hard Candy Fox in a box blush “Smooth Talker”
  • MAC Beauty powder “Smooth Harmony”
  • Too Face eyeshadow duo “Sexpresso” (for brows)
  • Daiso Brow pencil “Dark brown”
  • MAC paintpot “Groundwork”
  • Daiso Pearl eyeshadow palette “Brown”
  • Smashbox single eyeshadow “24k”
  • MAC Lip erase “Pale”
  • B.E. Buxom lip crayon “Sydney”
  • ebay false lashes

A few photographs from backstage…

Roberto Cavalli FW RTW 2011

Ahhhhh…the life of a model, the makeup artist, nail guru and hair genius all primping over you at the same time. Seems rather uncomfortable to be honest.
Roberto Cavalli FW RTW 2011

The clothes…

Roberto Cavalli FW RTW 2011

I’d still say this is a very essentially Cavalli show, the rich patterning and play with texture is what I’ve come to know of Roberto Cavalli’s designs.

Roberto Cavalli FW RTW 2011

Leather, feathers, rock ‘n roll gyspy-esque goddesses!

Roberto Cavalli FW RTW 2011

Sheer dresses with velvet burnouts?
Dark take on silk and chiffon?

Roberto Cavalli FW2011 inspired makeup

I hope you are all enjoying my series of runway inspired posts, I feel they are great fun to try out new styles (for me) and of course to think about how these trends can be adapted for us “regular” people..hahaha.
Take care everyone!

5 thoughts on “Tutorial: Roberto Cavalli fw2011 (Rustic smokey eyes)

  1. Anonymous says:

    I really like the eyeshadow combo of charcoal & copper & gold. The false lashes give it a pop and made it glamorous. Really nice! Thanks for the tutorial.


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