Bunnie Loves: Ep. #2

Hello Everyone,

It’s official. Fall has set in over here, we have been receiving nothing but rain for a few days straight, the skies are gloomy and I feel rather like a wilted flower that has not seen any sunlight. But the important thing is that without natural lighting, its quite annoying to take product photos, so everything you will see today comes from either my light-box or other forms of artificial lighting. [My apologies in advance!]

Bunnie favourite products Ep#2
Today I thought I’d share with you some of my new favourite items, a continuation of my series called “Bunnie Loves”. These are products that have taken up a semi-permanent position in my makeup routine (semi-permanent because I have a hard time committing to products *hahahaha–).

Click the video to get rolling!

A quick summary…

Bunnie favourite products Ep#2

Rimmel Lash Accelerator (available in drugstores)
    • Solid contender in the lash growth department (at least for me), I’ve been interested in lash growth treatments and lash extension for a very long time (the longer the better, right?). However I wasn’t ready to pay the price for them since they were only semi-permanent (extensions) and expensive. I’m so happy to see brands like L’Oreal and now Rimmel rolling low-end versions and guess what? They are very effective to boot! I loved using the L’Oreal “Lash Serum” and this Rimmel Accelerator is great too. Definitely longer lashes and a slight increase in density too! I think I will just switch up between these two and my lashes will have a bright future ahead. Just remember to wear these products at night because they do tend to leave a slight white residue on your lashes.  
Etude House: Collagen Moistfull smoothing ampule primer           

(available in Asia or search online)

    • Right up there with my favourite Laura Mercier primer is this one from Etude house. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure why I decided to try this because I’m just not a primer girl as they tent to clog my pores horribly and leave me feeling suffocated. This lightweight primer with a dry texture yet pearly finish is truly the best of both worlds for combination skins like me. Oh, and no dehydration lines to be seen 🙂
Rimmel: StayGlossy lipgloss (available in drugstores)
    • Ultra smooth, glossy and with a good smidgen of colour! These glosses have proven to be a quick favourite of mine since I first tested them out. Have been using them none-stop in my everyday makeup look, they are subtle enough to through together with any look yet provide a juicy, high shine pout. Absolutely no complains here.

Bunnie favourite products Ep#2

 Hard Candy: Fox in a box blush “Smooth Talker” (available in Walmart)
    • If you’ve seen my review for the Hard Candy Fox in a Box blushers you would know that they are pigmented, fun and versatile. But did you chance upon this lovely shade? Actually, now that I’m looking at this photo, it does have that fall warmth to it doesn’t it? I think it will make a lovely shade for those with fair to medium-tan skintones.

Bunnie favourite products Ep#2 
Moroccan Oil: Oil Treatment (available online or in salons)
    • Blew my mind. (Well…more like blew my “hair”…) Either way, I adore this treatment for its effectiveness and long lasting effect. Initially I had thought this was another one of those over-hyped products boosted by the prestige market but this oil treatment really delivers. I highly recommend this for those with colour treated or permed hair who need something potent. I’ve gotta look out for this brand more often!
Revlon: Super lustrous lipstick “Just enough Buff”
    • Hello gorgeous Halle Berry! After seeing her in the Revlon ad the lip colour she was wearing stuck in my mind, imagine my surprise to find it on sale at my drugstore on a whim. I quickly scanned the display for this shade and am pleased to report that it looks lovely on my fair skin as well. Truly a universal shade that is creamy, smooth and unscented, for those that love a naturally sexy nude lip.

That wraps up this episode of my favourites….


I hope you found something wonderful to try from this post. 
Feel free to let me know your current favourite product!
Stay warm out there!

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