Style: Finding your Shabby Chic

So maybe you’re an interior design buff and you already know what I’m talking about today. Or maybe you just looked at the title and said: “Shabby…what?”
 Shabby Chic as a descriptive term refers to a style of design that is based on vintage looking items with a rougher more “worn in” feel (think layered, distressed finishes) and a undeniably romantic touch. Think pastel tints of mint greens, spring lavenders, cotton candy pinks and the like. Whilst this is often most evident in interior design, you can find many everyday “shabby chic” items such as clothing, jewelry, stationary and just about anything you can think of can be shabby chic (well…maybe not food, haven’t figured out how you can do that one!) Flowers and stripes are common as well as fine detailing like crown molding and curved lines, it’s both a little English yet a little French.

Of course, this trend can be interpreted in different directions as well to combine with other tastes. For example…combined with woodsy, earthy feel and you get something alittle more rustic….. and country.
…or it can be paired with more elaborate Victorian tastes…..
What underlines the attraction of shabby chic styling for me was it’s human quality, sure the sofa, the fireplace or the desk can be mass produced but that “shabby” aspect is (in theory) a sign of human contact and wear. It’s a little imperfect yet special in every way, it has that heirloom quality to it that seems synonymous with my love for handmade.
 Here I want to share with you some wonderful shabby chic items from Etsy.
 I was so incredibly inspired by these, gosh if only I owned a place of my own.
I’d decorate it like mad!
*pssst..the name of each item is also a link*

Natural Kei Romantic Shrug Top

True Rebel Clothing

Shabby Chic Crochet Peach Cream (Set Of 2)

Sincerely Raven

Beach Decor Candlesticks – Shabby Chic

Beach Grass Cottage

Cabbage Roses Shabby Chic PILLOW COVER

Emma Dear

Light Blue Shabby Chic Earrings Holder


Shabby Chic French Chairs


shabby chic handbag (Cath Kidston pink roses)


Ashley: Shabby chic romantic earrings


The best way to find your very own shabby chic pieces is probably at yard sales, vintage stores and flea markets. Look for quality pieces with stand out detailing. Other wise you may also want to DIY your own items with a little sand paper and paint to produce that aged result. Or if you are lucky enough to live near a Target, I just found that Rachel Ashwell (the woman behind the book in the first photo) who designs and collects shabby chic accessories produces a line sold right inside Target!

Hope you found something inspiring for today!

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