CANMAKE: Stretch-Cover concealer & Lip concealer

Canmake Concealer & Lip Concealer

Let me start off today’s review by making something absolutely clear. I’m not starting off from a neutral perspective on this one, I have always been drawn to Canmake because of their spokes model, Lena Fujii.
Lena Fujii
Youthful, sweet and just alittle bit sexy, I think Lena and Canmake Cosmetics (Japan) make a great pairing. With their focus on fun, trendy and feminine cosmetics, I think Canmake has cornered a large audience just with their brand identity alone.Their goal of making affordable (it’s considered a drugstore brand) and beautiful makeup has much to live up to.


Ready to see if their products live up to their brand?
! Read on !

The first of the two items for today’s review is their concealer, called “Stretch & Cover”. According to Canmake themselves, here’s the brief…

~ ~”Covers skin problems, while also protecting your skin from ultraviolet rays and dryness. A UV concealer that won’t run or look powdery
SPF25/PA++ Has a soft applicator tip that makes it easier to apply to both larger areas and more tricky areas.
Canmake Stretch & Cover concealer

  • Pigment-free, Unperfumed, Alcohol-free, non-chemical UV filters
  • Flexible stretchy powder, light-diffusing powder
  • Contains conditioning and sebum-absorbing powder
  • Botanical moisturizing agents, moisturizing/skin-protecting agent
  • Skin-firming agents.
  • Comes in 3 shades, light to medium shades.

As you can see from the colour swatch below the first good point of this concealer is its colour. For my Asian skintone, the soft pale yellow blends invisibly into my skin and while this may not be the right tone for everyone, it’s definitely a great starting point for those looking for a hard to find colour match.

Canmake Stretch & Cover conealer -swatch

So what’s to love about this concealer?

  • Great coverage while remaining blendable, the “stretch” factor is certainly evident here, I was able to blend it out easily with a light patting motion while retaining opacity.
  • Dries to a slightly powdery finish. I mean really, there is no need to set this with a powder if you don’t want to or if you are in a hurry to get out the door.
  • Doesn’t dry me out when applied to red areas around the nose or those pesky spots that pop up on my chin.
  • SPF 25 is always a winner for under the eyes where we tend to forget sunscreen most of the time.
  • Long lasting ability is average to high on my combination skin.

….and a few things to note….

  • It can become every so slightly wrinkly if you use it for under the eye (dark circles) but because the texture of the concealer is so pliable, if you happen to notice that through out the day, just smooth it out and re-apply a little more, good as new!
  • Only available in 3 shades, mainly dedicated to the average Japanese population that seems to be fair/light to medium skinned overall.
  • Only available in Asian countries, or else try eBay or other online shopping sites like Ichibanko (that’s where I got mine!)

And now moving on….
Canmake Lip concealer --moist-swatch

Here’s what Canmake has to day about their popular lip concealer!

~ ~ “Erase lip color and improve the color and lasting power of your lipstick with our new Lip Concealer!!

The Savior of Nude-look Make-up

We’ve created a moist-type product containing moisturizing agents from our super-popular lip concealer!”

Sounds like a fantabulous product, no? Having already owning MAC’s Lip Erase, I really have much need for another lip concealer. Yet what drew me in was the promise for a naturally baby pink lip with moisturizing ingredients. Canmake already makes a lip concealer which is extremely popular and this new addition is supposed to be a step up. I suppose the goal was to make a product that you could wear on its own and still achieve an innocent baby pink pout, relieving the need for further products if you don’t want to use a lipstick/gloss.

As Canmake continues to describe…..

● Fantastic news for those with red lips, for whom nude-look make-up doesn’t go according to plan!Use this as a lip base, to completely cover lip redness!
Achieve the perfect nude-look lipstick or lip gloss color!!!
● Also covers the horizontal lines that are the arch-enemy of nude-look make-up! For plump, kissable lips!
● A cute milky pink like flower petals – can also be used on its own as a nude-look lip cream.
nmake Lip concealer --moist

What’s to love about this lip concealer “moist” edition…

  • Produces the most gorgeous nudy pink lip, no kidding. This can certainly be worn as lipstick-like product without any extra product. While most lip concealers are beige or “flesh” coloured, this one gives you baby milky lips in one swipe.
  • Extremely natural because it has a satin finish and almost no texture on the lips if applied properly. 
  • Applies almost like a lipstick, absolutely smooth.
  • You don’t need to swipe it over and over, one fair layer works great!
  • Its small and therefore portable and easy to slip into your going out purse or even you jeans pocket for a sneaky touch-up if needed.

…other things to note….

  • While I wouldn’t call this product drying on the lips, it certainly wasn’t as “moist” as the name suggests. I find the best result is to apply lip balm to condition the lips (Carmex anyone?) first, blot off any excess to almost dry and then apply this.
  • TIP: Do not swipe it on like a regular lipstick, you will get wrinkly/uneven lips! As with all matte or lighter toned lip products, I suggest applying a little then pushing/blotting the colour around the entire lip area. This will help minimize those annoying lip lines and maximize your results.
  • Feel free to apply a lipstick over it but avoid gloss, as with most lip concealers (even some lipsticks) swiping on lip gloss with disturb the product and it will fade or even bleed into lip lines.
  • Not suitable as a solo product for those with medium-tan to dark skin, it will likely come off too pale and even slightly ashy so try it with a lipstick over top.
  • Only available in Asian countries, or else try eBay or other online shopping sites like Ichibanko (that’s where I got mine!)

Over all, I am extremely pleased with the effectiveness of Canmake products. Add some adorable packaging, constant new releases and a gorgeous model, they’ve got it set for a long time to come. The Stretch & Cover concealer is currently my holy grail product and its now a staple for a quick and breezy face on both casual days or dolly days. I think that beyond appealing to younger ladies, Canmake’s products can definitely produce a beautiful sophisticated look for a more sophisticated audience as well. I look forward to trying out new items!

What Canmake items have you tried?
Share it with me with a comment.

3 thoughts on “CANMAKE: Stretch-Cover concealer & Lip concealer

  1. Jessy says:

    i have Canmake's cream blush and they are very good, i also got their brow tint, which i luv, ive yet to try smth else by them though, i do have an unopened lipgloss that i wanna try…and i know this is old, but i dont know how i can miss this post, i luv canmake too…mainly because i also adore Lena, i think she is adorablejessy


  2. PBunnieP says:

    Hi Cindy, I found the two to be about the same. The MAC one might be slightly less drying but the Canmake one does have a cute pinkier tint that can be worn alone without lip products on top. The MAC is a true beige/nude tone so I almost always wear something on top of it.


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