Review: Hard Candy’s Fox in a Box (blush boxes)

What’s that Fox in a Box?
Why its Hard Candy’s version of a gorgeous range of beauty blushers!
Ever since Hard Candy went back on the market (there had been a long lapse) starting with the Walmart shelves, there have a couple of items from their range that have really stirred a wild fire. Amongst them are the Camouflage Concealer (review in the works) and also the FOX in a BOX Blushers which I’ll be talking about today.
Ladies and Gents,
I present you this beauty!

Hard Candy-Fox in a Box

 Want to know some more about this cute little box?

Well then read on!

 This particular shade I own is called “Hot Flash” and boy does it pack a punch of colour, in fact I think many people might be turned off from this colour thinking it is way too bright. While there are other more subtle options available in the range, I adore the vibrancy of this particular blusher.
What’s better is that they matched it up with a nude/rose powder as well, thus not only can you use it to blend out the bright pink, if you choose to swirl the colours together, it will make the palette more wearable.

 HardCandy Fox in a Box--Hot Flash

As you can see from the swatch above, this blush means business when it comes to colour pigmentation. The bright pinks only required a gentle touch while I had to press a little harder to get the paler nude blush to show up on my skin.
I find that the colour wears well throughout the day even though it doesn’t claim to be a long lasting product. It’s easy to blend, is versatile in colour and doesn’t come off too powdery on the skin. In fact the slightly satin finish really makes you believe that they can pass this off for being a department store product!
HardCandy Fox in a Box--Hot Flash--Ingredients

My only disappointment with this blush?
Mineral oil.

Its one of those ingredients that often pops up in cheaper products and sometimes even show up in the higher end items too. Its often used to give products a softer texture, (pretend) to be more moisturizing and enhance pigmentation in powder coloured products such as eyeshadow. And while the debate is still on about whether or not mineral oil causes breakouts for acne prone skin, I still try to be careful about avoiding it in my products. For the most part, I run fast and far away if it’s inside a base/foundation/skincare product but I’ll tolerate it in other items such as blusher and eyeshadow as it doesn’t seem to have given me any problems. Fox in a Box didn’t cause any problems for me!

Over all, still a fantastic buy for the price and performance. I highly recommend you check out the full range of Fox in a Box blushers from Hard Candy, I know I’ll be picking up more of these little boxes next time I’m off in Walmart. I’ve already got my eyes on a gorgeous tangerine/orange shade —*har har!

Share your experience with Hard Candy
or feel free to recommend a favourite HC item!


3 thoughts on “Review: Hard Candy’s Fox in a Box (blush boxes)

  1. Reina(aGlamMama) says:

    hey! i live in bellingham! not sure if walmart is in canada but if not then you likely gt your stuff from the bellingham walmart right across the border. im so in love with the products you reccomend. they are all so neat looking yet affordable. i def wanna invest in some hada labo product…or all of it!! 😀


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