TooFaced: Glam gone Wild Kit (Review)

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Today’s post brings you something from one of my previous haul videos, the TooFaced Glam gone Wild Collection that was part of the Vintage Sale a month or so back from their online website.

TooFaced Glam gone WILD

I choose this kit mainly because it offered a “full face” (cheek, lips and eyes included) and absolutely because I was drawn to their every famous bronzing powders. Of the entire line of bronzers available from TooFaced, I believe the Pink Leopard was one of their original formulas and currently remains a hot seller.

Ready to hear my thoughts?
Read on!

First, my video talk on the products and my TooFaced online experience.

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TooFaced Pink Leopard bronzer swatch2-vert

My Thoughts
I am now fully convinced that all the hype about this bronzer is true. Somehow, the three colours blend perfectly in tone to create a gorgeous slightly tanned flush that looks natural and healthy even on my pale skin. I love that there is enough pink in this palette to show up even when you swirl all the shades together, no shade dominates over the other and the result is a harmonious and fresh finish to the cheeks.
TooFaced--Primed and Poreless
My Thoughts
For someone that never quite got attached to the primer trend, this Too Faced product really did change my mind. In fact, I like it so much that I’m looking forward to picking up a full size of this “Primed and Poreless” when I finish using up my sample tube. What I particularly love about this product is how it magically smooths my complexion even without makeup. A huge rave from me on that aspect alone.
TooFaced Eyeshadow duo-swatch-ingredients
My Thoughts
ADORE Sexpresso. Can do without Peach Fuzz. Enough said.
TooFaced Lip Bronzer--Pink Leopard
My Thoughts
Another surprising product that I did not expect to like as much as I do is the Lip Bonzing gloss. While the colours looked a little intimating and dark in the tube (especially that bronze) it creates some magic when mixed together and actually applies as a warm rose gold lipcolour with good depth. The only gripe I would say now that I look again at the ingredients list is mineral oil that is listed, seemed unnecessary to me. I don’t think I will repurchase for the sake that I will never use up 15ml of lip gloss!

Hope you enjoyed today’s review!
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