Best Fall nail polish 2011

Hi Everyone,

 A quickie post today about some of my favourite fall shades in terms of nail paint. I’ve seen the “standard” trend shades for this season but I want to offer some variety to you, perhaps a few you’ve never seen and some old favourites that I wear every winter season…

Fall Nails 2011

Keep on reading to find out more…..

What really gravitates me to a colour in general is its saturation and then its finish/texture. Creamy finishes are forever a classic, a slight shimmer is elegant and a metallic can be both high/fashion yet romantic.

 For the most part, fall shades are richer, deeper…luxe and sultry. You can certainly still pull off pale shades for fall (and I show a few lovely ones in my picks) but you want a good saturation of colour.

Ready to see my picks?
Click the play button!

a closer look…..

The Greys

Fall Nail colours 2011

The Berries
Fall Nail colours 2011

The Romatics

Fall Nail colours 2011

        And there you have it, my fall nail picks and a few classic shades to get you excited for the colder weather. Try one on or better yet…I dare you to wear one on each finger…muahahahha~

Share YOUR favourite fall polish in the comments 🙂

4 thoughts on “Best Fall nail polish 2011

  1. Jen says:

    Im in love with ALL these nail polish shades :O I really love the Sally Hansen ones atm though! especially time to shine ❤ I don't have a favourite fall shade as I'm in the southern hemisphere.. lol so it's actually Spring here XD


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