Your makeup kit: Add-on items

Hi there Everyone,

For everyone who are looking to start beefing up their basic/simple makeup kit, here’s a little video about makeup “add on” items. These are products that will make your kit so much more fun! And if you haven’t watched my “Starter Kit recommendation”, you can find that HERE.


A quick review of the products mentioned

Build your makeup kit---Add ons

  • Add alitte something extra to your base, these items will take you from a light base to a full on glamour shot! Plus, a little shimmer is always good for that coveted glow.

Build your makeup kit---Add ons

  • Shade your eyes with a matte cream shadow that can double up as an easy daily shading colour. And don’t forget to take care of your lashes at night with a protective serum.
Build your makeup kit---Add ons
  • Whatever colour you choose, lipstick is so much fun and super easy to change up your look…oh yeah and totally more kissable than lipgloss.
Build your makeup kit---Add ons

  • Palettes are your best friend when it comes to customizing just what you like in a handy little palette. Make a quad for different moods or take a 15pan palette if you are really indecisive.

Share your favourite “add on” item with me 
by leaving a comment!

One thought on “Your makeup kit: Add-on items

  1. Suki says:

    My favourite 'add-on' item would be a foundation primer and that's because I have a red undertone to my skin, and need a green-ish primer in order to neutralize it! By the way, thank you so much for commenting and subscribing to my blog. I couldn't reply there because my layout is being difficult, but I was so happy to receive your comment 🙂


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